SpongeBob: Merry Mayhem

Play the Merry Mayhem game and help SpongeBob fight the caroling robots! Throw snowballs at the enemies and keep them away from the secret patty formula!

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About SpongeBob: Merry Mayhem Game

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Save Krusty Krab from Plankton's caroling robots and keep the secret formula safe in the Merry Mayhem game! Plankton's up to no good once again! He wants Krab's Patty recipe for Christmas, and it looks like nothing can stop him from getting it. However, SpongeBob is a strong snowball thrower, and he will keep the restaurant safe! Will you fight the robots with him?

Your goal is to keep the caroling robots away from Krusty Krab before they roll in and make unbearable noise so Plankton can steal the secret formula! You cannot miss this game if you want to show off your impressive aiming skills! The snowball battle has begun!

How to Play

You can use your mouse and keyboard to fight the robots trying to invade Krusty Krab! These are your controls:

 - Left-click: Aim at the robots and shoot snowballs.

 - Spacebar: Initiate a snow blizzard to clear the robots.

Every time one of the caroling robots manages to get past SpongeBob and enter Krusty Krab, the noise meter on the bottom right of your screen will fill up. Once it becomes red and the sound of the Christmas songs is too loud, it is game over for SpongeBob and the secret formula!

There are multiple power-ups you can collect as you fight the robots. You can throw snowballs at them to activate them. Here are some of them and how they work:

 - Earmuffs: Reduce the amount of sound in your noise meter.

 - Jellyfish: It will eliminate all the robots close to it.

 - Gary: It will stun the enemies for a few seconds.

 - Snowball thrower: Increases the speed and the number of snowballs you can throw.

 - Snowflake: Gives you an extra snow blizzard.

Use them to your advantage and win the battle against the evil Christmas robots!

Are you ready to become the hero who protected the secret Krabby Patty formula? Get your snowballs ready and shoot!