Chum is Fum

Play the Chum is Fum game and help Plankton show off his new recipe! Move the fish around to collect Chumsticks, but don't let them bump into each other!

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Plankton's new recipe is ready to be served and enjoyed by the residents of Bikini Bottom in the Chum is Fum game! The troublemaker Plankton has piqued the interest of fish all around with his idea of chum on a stick. Customers seem to pour into his questionable restaurant to try out the corndog lookalike! Is it yummy enough to make Chum Bucket a fortune? Only you can decide!

Your role is to collect Chumsticks and form a long line of interested customers without letting them bump into each other. You cannot miss this game if you are a fan of the classic Snake game! However, this one has a twist! It is non-linear, so the challenge becomes more difficult as you move around in curves rather than straight lines!

How to Play

The restaurant is open, and the customers are hungry, so use your mouse to help them. Move your cursor around to guide the fish toward the Chumsticks and gather as many as possible. The more chum treats you collect, the higher your score and the happier Plankton will be!

Chum Bucket is not a big diner, so there's limited space to fit the customers. With that in mind, you must avoid letting the first fish in your line bump into the last one or turn to the one behind it. After all, you don't want any of the customers dropping their Chumsticks! So try taking it slow or make big turns whenever you're going after one of the treats. This is how you'll succeed in keeping them apart!

There is no timer in this game, so you can patiently move from one Chumstick to the other without pressure. However, the treats will disappear after some time if not collected. But don't worry, they won't affect your score or make any customers leave! Try your best to beat this challenge and create the longest fish queue Bikini Bottom has ever seen!

Are you ready to make the Chumsticks a sensation and help Plankton achieve his dream? Just try keeping everyone in line!