Ultimate Mini-Golf Universe

Join your Nickelodeon friends for a catchy mission in the Ultimate Mini-Golf Universe game! Hit the ball and complete each course for some golfing fun!

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About Ultimate Mini-Golf Universe Game

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Join your Nickelodeon friends for a catchy game of golf in the Ultimate Mini-Golf Universe game! The characters from SpongeBob, The Loud House, The Casagrandes, and Henry Danger are waiting for you to join the fun! Golf can be very challenging, but you will surely enjoy yourself! Join the game and use your skills to master all the maps!

In this fun arcade game, your job is to guide the ball through each course while aiming to reach the hole in as few hits as possible. The less effort you need to finish each map, the higher your score will be! Unlock all the courses and go on an adventure! Are you ready to explore the world of Nickelodeon, along with some of your favorite friends?

How to Play

To begin your mission and hit the ball, all you have to do is use your mouse to click on it, then aim and let go! Throw the ball at the door to get the first course started! Sounds easy so far, right?

The game features a total of five maps, each one having eight holes for you to play. Your objective is to make sure the ball reaches the destination in as few strokes as possible. No matter how many tries it takes, you will still advance to the next area. Even so, if you want to get a high score, you should do your best and put your skills to work to throw the ball as far as you can!

The more you advance, the more difficult the challenges will become. With each new map, you will encounter different obstacles, such as sandy paths, water, or arches the ball has to pass through. Still, you should use your mind and think of a way to avoid them, or you will be forced to use multiple hits to amend your mistake!

Complete each course to unlock the next one, and experience the world of Nickelodeon! You can begin with any of the five maps, but it is recommended that you start with the SpongeBob-themed one, as it is a little easier for new players! Make your choice and put your skills to the test now!

Now, are you ready to play some mini-golf? Join your friends and don't forget to have fun!