Miracle City Meltdown

Help El Tigre to flee the volcano with the Mule of Maya in the Miracle City Meltdown game! Outrun the molten lava and defeat any foe trying to stop you!

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About Miracle City Meltdown Game

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A tragedy happened in El Tigre's city! Someone stole the jeweled Mule of Maya in the Miracle City Meltdown game. Luckily, the brave adventurer found its location deep in a volcano. Now he needs your help to flee from the rising lava and reach safety! Will you be El Tigre's key to coming out of this journey in one piece?

Your goal is to protect the Mule of Maya and get out of the volcano as fast as possible! Don't worry! You can choose a gadget from El Tigre's father, White Panther, or his Granpapi, Puma Loco. With those by your side, nothing will stand in your way!

How to Play

Depending on who you choose to team up with, you will get White Panther Bronze Boots of Truth or Puma Loco's Sombrero of Chaos. Don't worry! You will need the same controls for both. Here is everything you should know:

 - Right and Left arrow keys: Move around.

 - Up arrow key: Jump.

 - Spacebar: Attack.

You can press the attack key repeatedly to perform combos. The Sombrero of Chaos is best for ranged attacks, while the Bronze Boots of Truth is more fit for an up-close fight! Also, try to hit something while jumping to perform a special move.

Now that El Tigre has the Mule, it's time to get out of the volcano. However, there are many dangers he needs to avoid besides the lava. For example, many foes living in the volcano will try to end the hero's journey. However, they will disappear in a flash if you hit them first. So, keep an eye out for any danger and take down any threat!

What else you should know

Don't worry! You will have some protection. Besides the precious Mule, you can find some golden coins to increase your Wealth Level. This wealth will act as health, so any time you get hit, you will lose some but still have the chance to make it out alive from the volcano.

At the same time, try to grab the gems to increase your score. You can find all these precious items along your way or by defeating enemies.

Are you ready to start your race through the volcano and see if you can outrun the lava? If so, let's grab the Mule Of Maya and begin the adventure!