El Tigre Games

Witness the fight between good and evil in the El Tigre games! Will Manny Rivera choose to become a superhero like his dad or a villain like Grandpapi?

Anything can happen in Miracle City!

If you need a little escape from your boring life, play the El Tigre games! Discover a bustling city where no day goes by without a thrilling event. Maybe it's because Miracle City has many superheroes and villain citizens who always go after one another! Sure, it might not be the safest place to live, but it is a lot of fun!

The El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera series is unlike any other series Nickelodeon has launched. Taking inspiration from Mexican culture and stories, the series launched in 2008 brought a new flavor to the world of animation. What sets it apart is that the creators are a husband and wife team, Jorge R. Gutierrez and Sandra Equihua. Did you know that they based the two characters on their personalities as kids?

Despite only going on for two seasons, the show gained a loyal fan base thanks to its unique premise and wacky characters. Besides, it's incredibly authentic!

Miracle City is a version of Jorge's hometown, Mexico City. Besides, Manny, the main character, is a version of his younger self. When the creator was young, he felt conflicted about following his father, an architect, or his grandfather, a military man. As you might know, Manny's arc is very similar. With such a cool concept and original characters, it's impossible not to enjoy the lively and thrilling universe of Miracle City!

Join the colorful superhero protagonists!

Meet the main character of the show, Manny Rivera! The 13-year-old might look like any other boy his age at first glance. He's friendly and outgoing, loves his family, and has fun. However, there is more to this boy! 

Thanks to the powers of a mysterious belt, he can turn into El Tigre. The half-superhero, half-supervillain creature boasts incredible abilities, like super strength, high jumps, tornado attacks, and atomic slams. However, whether he uses these abilities for good or evil is always a mystery.

Representing Manny's good side is his father, Rodolfo. Like any good dad, he tries to protect his son and teach him lessons about honesty, justice, and honor. However, Rodolfo also has an alter ego, the White Pantera. As you might have guessed, he is a brave superhero who tries to rid the town of evil. Using his Boots of Truth, he can move at a super fast speed, which helps him keep up with baddies.

Speking of criminals, have you met Manny's Grandpapi a.k.a. Puma Loco? He is the richest man in town and the greediest one by far. Even more, he also tries to lure Manny into the villain lifestyle. Yikes! Admittedly, he can also be a lot more fun than Rodolfo!

When he's not with his family, Manny hangs out with Frida Suárez. The two are very close pals! Can you guess who inspired the character? Despite being the daughter of a police chief and a judge, Frida is a wild child. She is a tomboyish girl who always says what's on her mind and never holds back. Jealous of El Tigre's powers, she steals his belt to become La Tigresa. That can't turn out well!

Choose between good and evil in the El Tigre Games!

In the crazy world of Miracle City, there is a constant battle between villains and heroes. Manny is caught between the two forces, not knowing what to choose. However, you can give him a hand in this life-changing decision. Go through a series of trials to decide whether Manny joins his father, the Pantera, or Grandpapi, the Puma. Tough choice!

If you're brave enough, you can jump in the middle of the action and see which side attracts you the most. Surely, it sounds like choosing the good side would be right. However, choosing the path of villains can be much more fun. It's up to you to pick if you wreak havoc as a villain or save the day in challenges like the Ay Yi Yi of El Tigre game!

Training every day is part of daily life for both villains and heroes! Besides physical training, keeping your mind sharp is also vital. You'll never achieve your goals and beat your enemies without brains and a good memory. Therefore, you should train with Manny in challenges like the Match-O Mas Macho game!

Even if you're not ready to choose a side yet, don't worry! There's still a lot to do around Miracle City. Not surprisingly, people in Miracle City are mad about cars and racing. They just love the sound of burning tires on the city streets. As a result, there's no better way to make a name for yourself than winning Miracle City's Grand Prix in the Rapido Racer game! Are you a good driver? Now you can prove it!

With the El Tigre games, you can experience an adventure like no other! Manny and his family and friends will always keep you on your toes. However, they're also so much fun! Besides, the fascinating atmosphere of Miracle City will keep you coming back for more, whether you decide to become a hero or a villain!

There are currently 11 free online El Tigre games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or laptop, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android and iOS phones.