Start your own gaming company!

Any young gamer has dreamed of making and playing their own video game! Game Shakers Games allows you to do just that! Besides, these comedic challenges will show you that age is just a number in the game dev world. As long as you have the necessary skills and passion, you and your team can create the game of the year. At least that's what the funny heroes of this series can vouch for!

Capitalizing on the internet and gaming craze of the 2010s, producer Dan Schneider became inspired to write a series centered around a gaming company. As a result, in September 2015, Game Shakers aired its first episode on Nickelodeon. It followed the journey of two tweens who live for gaming! Accompanied by a funny cast, they face unexpected obstacles on their road to success.

Thanks to its whacky premise, the show ran for three seasons before airing its final episode in 2019. Besides, the franchise has given birth to merch and - obviously - video games you can still enjoy today!

What makes this series so popular is its clever theme. It focuses on the dynamic gaming industry, where anybody has a chance of making it big. For instance, four kids with various talents and abilities can run a company, even if the process isn't always smooth! Therefore, the challenges in this category will be a hit with tech-savvy tweens looking for fun. 

It all starts with two seventh graders who make a gaming app as a science project. When their creation, the Sky Whale, proves to be a hit, they expand their enterprise. However, their lives completely change when a wealthy rapper becomes their investor. If it sounds like a fun premise, you shouldn't miss out on these challenges!

Meet the team of young game devs!

Babe Carano, the confident brunette, is one of the two brains who founded Game Shakers. Despite being twelve, she shows confidence and a brain for business. Therefore, you'd better not step on her toes! This quick-witted marches to the beat of her own drum, and she'll march all over you!

Some people complete each other naturally! That's just the case with Babe and Kenzie Bell, the co-founder of Game Shakers. As opposed to feisty Babe, Kenzie is sweet and soft-spoken. What is more, she boasts impressive tech knowledge. However, her high-strung personality and anxious attitude perfectly align with her more relaxed pal. Together, they form the perfect team, leading Game Shakers!

Who is that good-looking blonde? Hudson's looks will impress you, despite him not being the sharpest crayon in the box. Nevertheless, his naivety and willingness to follow instructions make him the perfect game tester. Another reason why he was hired is that Babe finds him cute!

As you know, the faith of Game Shakers changes when Double G enters the scene. At first, the famous rapper wants to sue the girls for using one of his songs in their game. However, the impulsive and fun-loving billionaire ultimately invests in their company instead! Let's hope it turns out to be a winning decision!

However, not everyone enjoys a lavish lifestyle! Triple G - Double G's son - is sick and tired of being rich and famous. Therefore, he starts working for Kenzie and Babe to live like a regular kid his age. However, his skills as a game consultant prove that this kid is special!

Become a coder or a tester with Game Shakers Games!

Because the series focuses on a gaming company, coding challenges fit naturally in this category. Even if it sounds intimidating, you'll soon find that the basics of coding are fun to learn. With some of their challenges aimed at amateur programmers, like the Coding Kickoff game, Kenzie and Babe will start your dev career in no time!

You know by now that the Game Shakers are a hit. However, aren't you curious to find out why? Luckily, the category lets you become a tester for any of the team's creations. Watch out, Hudson, as you might lose your job! For instance, you can start with one of the company's hits, like the Pop Star Surgeon game. You shouldn't be afraid to give the girls your feedback, but we can guarantee you'll love it! 

If you're tired of gaming, you can hang out! After just a few moments with these kids, you'll surely be on the floor laughing! While working together or engaging in a little friendly competition, they're always having a blast! Don't believe it? You can see the team's chemistry with your eyes in adventures like the Block Party: Game Shakers Edition game!

To conclude, Game Shakers Games are fresh, funny, and educational. By delving into the fascinating world of game development, the series brings a new perspective to its young viewers. Whether you plan on working in the industry in the future or not, you should at least give these challenges a try!

There are currently 17 free online Game Shakers games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or laptop, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android and iOS phones.