Game Shakers: Tiny Pickles

Try the Game Shakers' new shooting challenge in the Tiny Pickles game! Destroy the jars, free the eyeballs and keep them away from the Reverse Mermaid!

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About Game Shakers: Tiny Pickles

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The Game Shakers have created a new challenge based on Double G's crazy dream in the Tiny Pickles game! The Reverse Mermaid, Double G's creation, needs to eat a bunch of eyeballs to satisfy her hunger! However, the more eyeballs she consumes, the more evil she becomes! For that reason, someone must break the eyeball jars with a pickle gun before they reach her big fish mouth! Can you take on this challenge?

Your role in this game is to prevent the Reverse Mermaid from eating too many eyeballs by breaking the jars on the conveyor belt with your pickle guns! This challenge will test your quick reflexes in a fun and creative way, so don't give up too fast!

How to Play

You must use your mouse to shoot and destroy the eyeball containers. As the jars move along the conveyor belt, you can move your cursor between the pickle guns and click on them to fire. Some containers take more than one hit to break. However, once they do, the eyeballs will be free to escape from the Reverse Mermaid's mouth.

Speaking about Reverse Mermaid's appetite, note that she can only devour a maximum of fifty eyeballs throughout the thirty waves. Once that number is reached, it's game over. Therefore, you must try to get through as many waves of eyeballs as possible before the Mermaid eats them all!

There are two power-ups you can activate while attempting to break the containers. One is the bomb, which will shatter all the jars on the conveyor belt the moment you destroy it. The other power-up you can collect is the Grandma. Once activated, she will slow down all the jars so they'll be easier to shoot.

Now that you know all the tricks, will you manage to save the little creatures from the Reverse Mermaid's hunger? Arm your pickle gun, and let's break all the jars together!