Sandy's Sponge Stacker

SpongeBob is trying to save Gary in the Sandy's Sponge Stacker game! Use the machine to make clones, stack them as high as you can, and rescue your friend!

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About Sandy's Sponge Stacker Game

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Your friend SpongeBob is doing his best to complete yet another challenge in Sandy's Sponge Stacker game! It's no secret that the joyful sea sponge always gets himself in wacky situations. This time, he's helping save his friend Gary, and he could use a hand! Will you join in?

Use Sandy's creation to make as many SpongeBob clones as you can within the time limit! After that, you will need to move each one and stack the characters on top of each other! The higher your stack, the closer you'll be to catching Gary, but be careful not to let SpongeBob fall! Are you ready to show off your skills?

How to Play

For this mission, all you will need to use is your mouse! Click on the SpongeBobs, then drag them across the screen and stack them together. Do your best to reach Gary before the time runs out, or risk failing your experiment! 

Pay attention to where the snail is hiding, and drop your clones as close to him as possible. Watch out and try to stack your SpongeBobs carefully. Otherwise, if the tower is wobbly, the characters might fall! 

You're playing against the clock so do your best not to make any wrong moves! If the stack collapses, you won't only have to redo it, but you will also lose precious seconds. Just remember that if you run out of time, you will have to restart the game! 

If you're aiming for a high score, you should also grab some snail supplies. Each time you pick one up, you will get 100 points added to your total. Gary will also want to come back to you, so make sure to save your friend! 

What do you say? Are you ready to join the characters of SpongeBob SquarePants? Lend your friends a hand and complete Sandy's experiment now!