SpongeBob: Gift Lift

Play the Gift Lift game and help Plankton steal Christmas presents for himself! Draw a snowy path for his sled and collect the gifts in time!

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Join Plankton on his mission to steal all the presents in Bikini Bottom for himself in the Gift Lift game! Plankton is a selfish little individual and knows he won't end up on Santa Claus' Nice List this year. Instead of waiting for the gifts to come, he decided to take action and grab everyone else's right before Christmas. After all, his electric sled is fast and efficient. Can he fulfill his mission before Christmas Eve?

Your job in this game is to help Plankton collect all the gifts in Bikini Bottom by drawing a safe snowy path for his sled! Quick reflexes and some attention will surely come in handy in Plankton's mission! He might even share some of his gifts with you if you're lucky!

How to Play

To successfully collect all the presents, use your mouse. With your cursor, draw a snowy path for Plankton's sled and grab each gift before it goes down someone's chimney! Plankton won't be pleased if you miss it, because every present gives you points. You can also collect pretty blue snowflakes to add a few seconds to your timer!

A warning arrow will appear ahead of Plankton, showing him the distance to the next gift and how high or low along the path it'll be. Alternatively, when the arrow flashes red, it signals a dangerous jellyfish. They sting, so avoid them as much as possible, or they will take away one of your lives!

Selfish Plankton only has three chances to collect all the gifts and fulfill his mission. Disregarding the warning sign and running into jellyfish can bring him to his doom, so try staying away! Once the three lives are gone, it will be game over, and Plankton's Christmas will be ruined!

Now that you know all the tricks, will you be Plankton's little helper in his evil Christmas plan? See you on Santa's Naughty list!