Plankton Pong

Defend your position in the Plankton Pong game. Move the shield up and down to block and serve the incoming ball. The first one to score 7 goals, wins!

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About Plankton Pong Game

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This classic Pong got a fresh new makeover in the Plankton Pong game. Plankton and his computer wife, Karen, have figured out how to bring this entertaining vintage thing back to life. They are using their cutting edge technology to create force shields and an electric ball! How cool is that?

Even though Plankton has changed the game a little on the exterior, the rules remain mostly the same. Each player must defend their part of the field. If the ball passes by you, your opponent will score a goal and vice versa. The first one to score the maximum number of goals will win!

How to Play

Fortunately, playing Pong is not rocket science. Not even Plankton, with all his tech skills, did not make it more complicated than necessary. To compete, you will only need to use your mouse, to swiftly move from one corner to the other to block the incoming ball.

The electric ball can travel quite fast and also have a hectic trajectory. You should anticipate where it is going to be headed next to maximize your chances of blocking it. Simply move your mouse upwards or downwards to guide Plankton to the place you think it is going to hit.

Last but not least, this game cannot go on forever! The competition might be strong as ever, but somebody has to be a winner. This is why Plankton and Karen have decided to impose a limit on goals you can get. The first player to score seven goals will be the one to win the game! But do not worry too much if you are having a hard time adjusting, you can always go ahead and try again!

You will undoubtedly love this SpongeBob themed remake of an all-time vintage game. Plankton and Karen surely do!