Invasion of the Lava King

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About Invasion of the Lava King Game

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    NuMuKi Browser
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    600 x 300
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Something suspicious is happening in Bikini Bottom. Volcanic activity started to increase, and Spongebob needs to investigate it in the Invasion of the Lava King game! Even though he has his friends Patrick, Sandy, and many others on his side, he still needs your help to go through this adventure.

Your job is to become the cute sponge's companion and help him in his journey. Be careful, though! The sea is not as calm as always, and you might encounter many foes that want to hurt you. So, if you'd like to finish this challenge in one piece, keep an eye out for any danger!

How to play the game

Let's begin your training with the controls:

 - Arrow Keys: Move around.

 - Spacebar: Acess Inventory.

 - Key Numbers 1 to 7: Toggle the second weapon.

 - A: Attack/Interact.

 - S: Second Attack.

The first things you should look for are the packs of seaweed. They might drop valuable items like pearls or extra life points when destroyed. The same goes for the foes you will encounter.

At first, you will have to face loads of infected jellyfish. Luckily, some will go down after only an attack, but as you advance, you will have to beat enemies that will surely put up a fight. Try not to get hit too many times by them. You will lose half of a life point with every wound they inflict.

On top of the valuable pearls, your foes will drop new weapons and, most importantly, keys! You can use those to unlock doors all around the world. Also, you can open up chests that hold even more goodies. However, they are fairly rarer to come by than other items. So, try to search every corner and defeat every foe to get them all.

There is more you should know!

At first, you will begin with Spongebob's trusty spatula as your primary weapon. However, you can find another sword more powerful than it that looks like a swordfish. This way, you can defeat the upcoming foes easier and find out who is responsible for all this volcanic activity more quickly.

Don't forget to come by Spongebob's friends! For example, Patrick will always be there to help you with advice, and Sandy will have some quests for you to complete. Also, you should stop by Mr. Krabs' store. Here you can use your pearls to buy keys and many other handy items for your adventure.

Are you ready to start your adventure alongside Spongebob? If so, let's see how many foes you can defeat.

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