Bikini Bottom Bop 'Em!

Train your aiming skills by shooting SpongeBob figurines in the Bikini Bottom Bop ‘Em! Game. Help Plankton earn enough money to leave Krusty Krab alone!

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About Bikini Bottom Bop 'Em! Game

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Trouble arises in town in the Bikini Bottom Bop 'Em! Game! Just this morning, Plankton saw an announcement for Build a Whac-A-Mole game contest. His main goal has always been to compete with the Krusty Krab for supremacy over Bikini Bottom's food industry. And with the amount of money promised to the winner, he will have more than enough to build his own company and leave Krusty Krab alone.

Your job is to make sure that Plankton wins the competition. Only this time, we are on the same page with him. Hit the targets, master the game and bring as many coins to Plankton as you can, all for the sake and future of Krusty Krab. Do you think you can manage?

How to Play

Wondering what a Whac-A-Mole is? Well, it's that old, carnival game where you have to hit puppets that come up from a table before they disappear underneath it again. Play dolls impersonating SpongeBob (who else to turn his rage onto?) will appear from the holes of the device. Use the mouse to draw a line over each figurine and strike them into oblivion. 

Hint: Connect the Spongebobs that are aligned in one row/column to hit them all at once with a single strike.

Every level has a target and a time limit. Your Whac-o-meter and Clock are right at the top of the page. Once you've completed your goal, you can start collecting stars for bonus points.

Hit as many figurines as possible to charge the bonus-meter before the time runs up!