Oh Snap Road Trip

Play the Oh Snap Road Trip game and snap fun pictures of SpongeBob and his gang! Throw shells at the characters and take photos of their crazy reactions!

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About Oh Snap Road Trip Game

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Join the SpongeBob SquarePants characters in a picture-perfect journey in the Oh Snap Road Trip game! It's time to make memories with your friends under the sea! Nothing better to bring on a trip than a camera! Explore every corner of Bikini Bottom and snap pictures of SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, and others to make a lovely album!

Your job is to snap pictures of the characters in funny positions and add them to your album at the end of your trip! Go wild and take photos of anything that seems fun! Even if you're exploring the Flying Dutchman or the Moon, you're bound to see some cool stuff!

How to Play

You can use your mouse and keyboard to take pictures of your friends! These are your commands and how to use them:

 - Spacebar: Take a photo.

 - Left click: Toss a shell at the characters.

First, you need to select your map. Each level has different places to visit and characters! Try to get funky, rare, and funny pictures of them by having them react! You can throw a shell at them and then watch them change their positions, attitude, or facial expression! However, they are limited, just like the photos, so try not to waste them!

After your trip, you can have a look through all the photos you took. Next, select your top five favorite ones and show them off! You'll receive a grade for each of them, depending on how funny or crazy they are! Finally, you can add them to your album and check them whenever you feel like it!

Now that you know all the tricks, can you create the most impressive album SpongeBob and his friends have ever seen? Count on them for moments worth remembering!