Bikini Bottom Mysteries Search

Join SpongeBob and Patrick for some detective work in the Bikini Bottom Mysteries Search game! Search every area, locate the suspects, and solve the case!

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About Bikini Bottom Mysteries Search Game

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Are you ready to do some detective work together with SpongeBob in the Bikini Bottom Mysteries Search game? It seems like some residents have gone missing, and someone must find out their whereabouts. Can you follow their tracks and locate all the characters hiding through Bikini Bottom? If so, it's time to begin the search!

Now is your chance to put your great memory and attention to detail to good use! Like a real detective, you will have to read the case files and follow the suspects' lead. Join SpongeBob and Patrick, choose a location to search, then examine the folder to see your targets. Will you be able to find their hiding spots among the crowd?

How to Play

Prepare to solve the case together with your friends! Luckily, you won't need any detective gadgets because you only need your mouse. Click on a location on the map to begin the search. Afterward, you can tap on the arrows on the screen to pan left and right or use the magnifier tool to zoom in and out.

Can you spot all the hiding suspects? For each area you visit, there will be four characters to find. However, there's a huge crowd of Bikini Bottom residents, so you'll need to look everywhere if you want to locate your targets.

Luckily there's no time limit, so you can compare your list with the group of people as long as needed.

It's important not to rush and check every corner carefully. While some suspects will be hiding in plain sight, others will be far off in the background.

What else you should know

You should use the magnifier tool to your advantage. Zoom in on every nook and cranny, and you'll surely find all your targets!

Are you ready to put your memory to the test? Luckily, you can always open your folder and take a look at the suspects. There might be very similar-looking people hiding through the crowd, so you must keep your eyes wide open. Just don't worry if you're having difficulties because you can check each suspicious resident until you uncover the mystery!

Well, it's time to head off! Are you ready to join SpongeBob and Patrick's detective squad? Find all the missing persons and solve the case to impress your friends!