Play the Pian-Oh-No game and impress Plankton's wife with a romantic song! Move around the piano, avoid the giant hands and play the correct tiles!

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About Pian-Oh-No Game

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Help Plankton impress his computer wife, Karen, by playing her a lovely song in the Pian-Oh-No game! Karen and Plankton's relationship has been pretty rocky lately! However, Plankton never forgets to be romantic, so he wants to play a piano song for her! The giant hand is trying to ruin his plants, but he is a quick fellow! Will you help Plankton deliver his love?

Your only task in this game is to help Plankton avoid the giant hand and play the piano by moving him from tile to tile! Karen is very moody, so the song you play for her can be crucial! Even though he is a tiny guy, Plankton knows he can impress his wife by pleasing her computer ears!

How to Play

You only need your mouse to become a professional pianist! Move your cursor up and down the piano tiles, and Plankton will follow! When a tile shines red, click on it to make him slam down and play the note. Earn points by playing all the correct tiles and doing so uninterrupted!

Avoid the giant hands at all costs! Although they move randomly and pretty slowly compared to Plankton, a finger can squish the little creature and stun him for some time! The more you play and advance, the harder it'll become to avoid the hand. It will get faster, and even more, hands will appear to mess up Plankton's lovely gift to his wife!

Another thing you should pay attention to is Karen's mood! The timer bar at the bottom of Karen's monitor will empty until the following note plays. The faces on the screen are also a good indicator of how happy or mad she is! Whenever you miss a tile or take too long to play it, Karen will get more upset, and soon enough, it'll be game over, so keep her pleased!

Play all the notes right, and you will get a bonus level to increase your score! During it, you can run up and down the piano tiles and gather as many points as possible for a limited time!

Now that you know how to master the piano, will Plankton be able to impress his dear wife? Let the music flow and fill her computer heart!