Nickelodeon Double Dash

Try the Nickelodeon: Double Dash game to join Sanjay, Craig, Patrick, and many more for a race! Can you dodge all obstacles on your way to the finish line?

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Have you ever wondered how a race against some of your heroes from your favorite shows might be? Well, in the Nickelodeon: Double Dash game, you'll have the chance to partake in a competition alongside SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick, and many more! However, you should prove yourself and try to help your team in every race. Do you think you can succeed?

Your job is to pick your team and get the racing started! But, the path ahead is not as easy as you might think! The roads are full of obstacles, and you should try to avoid them. Let's get your safety gear on and see what you've got!

How to Play

Before you get to meet everyone, you should learn the controls. To advance, you should hit the Q key quickly and A to jump. However, you can also play this game with one of your friends! They should hit the P key to advance and L to jump. Pretty easy, right?

Now it's time to meet everyone. Each team has two members! For example, you can play with Sanjay and Craig, SpongeBob and Patrick, Michelangelo and April, and more! However, each team has different stats, meaning some can be faster than others. So, you should take advantage of these differences and choose the best team for an easy win!

Besides dodging the obstacles to avoid slowing down, you have another thing to do before hitting the finish! On your way, you'll find many floating stars that you should try and catch. Your opponent will do the same, so you need to have more than them. Doing this will also influence your victory!

Lastly, your performance will have a timer, and you should try to be the fastest! You can do this only by making sure you have a flawless run! Also, you will have your best three times stored in the achievements menu. Anyone that sees them will think twice before challenging you for a run!

Are you ready to meet Sanjay, Patrick, and the rest to start the races? The more you wait, the more restless they will grow, so go alone or grab your friend and meet everyone!