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About Forever Red Game

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    NuMuKi Browser
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    950 x 560
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Get ready to face one of the most menacing challenges yet in Power Rangers 20th Anniversary: Forever Red game! Can you play as the most powerful member of the team? Your mission will be an extremely daunting one: you will act as the Red Ranger from various versions of this iconic series.  You find yourself trapped in a time warp of doom, surrounded by foes. Can you defeat all the minions and rescue your fellow Rangers? Try your luck with this adrenaline-filled challenge that will put your stamina to the test!

Use the power of the Red Ranger wisely!

One remarkable feature of this game is the fact that you get to play the role of different Red Rangers from various installments of the series. However, you need to defeat powerful bosses and countless waves of foes in order to unlock all the versions of this beloved Power Ranger!

You start out as Jason Lee Scott, the iconic character from the Mighty Morphin series. As you survive more in the time warp, you have the opportunity to unlock six other versions of the Red Ranger. However, this means you need to defeat powerful enemies, such as Goldar, General Havoc, Prince Gasket, or Ecliptor.

Get ready to face your very first wave of putties! You will find yourself all alone among countless enemies. Luckily, the Red Ranger's battle skills are unmatched. Navigate around the screen using the arrow keys. Get close enough to the enemy, then press space to attack! Make sure you move with great care and avoid ending up surrounded by foes!

Make sure your health bar doesn't get depleted! You can check on it by glancing at the top left corner of the screen. If you find yourself in a sticky situation, try to find green cross symbols on the screen by defeating enemies. They will restore some much-needed health points and help you survive the incoming wave of aliens!

Prepare an excellent strategy to win the battle!

Any Power Ranger knows that you need to use your special abilities at the right moment in order to win difficult battles. You can activate the Red Ranger's Ultimate Attack by pressing the Z key. However, you can only do so when the yellow energy bar around your Ranger's portrait is filled up.  A good strategy would be to gather up as many enemies as you can around you, then use the ability to obliterate all the enemies in range. 

You will find this trick extremely helpful during boss battles as well! However, there is one more thing you should have in mind while trying to defeat the boss waves. The powerful enemies are also able to unleash powerful attacks that you need to doge. Therefore, you should time your moves carefully! 

This game allows you to unlock fun achievements. Are you ready to push your limits and practice your battle skills with your friends from the Power Rangers team? Earn impressive titles, such as Putty Trouble, Red Ranger Power, or Got Gold! You can also collect cards featuring iconic characters of the series, such as TJ Johnson. View the collectibles by selecting the Gallery button from the main menu. 

Are you ready to experience the might of the Red Ranger first hand? It's time to put your resilience and battle skills to the test with this thrilling adventure game. So put on your red battle suit and prepare yourself for multiple rounds of challenging fights and unexpected challenges! You are surely in for a lot of fun!

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