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Complete an important quest in Power Rangers Dino Charge: Dino Duels game! Can you defeat all of Sledge's minions using your amazing combat skills?

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Find out if you can handle the most dangerous villains in the superheroes Universe with Power Rangers Dino Charge: Dino Duels game! The team is trapped on Sledge's spaceship, a grim place filled with the most wanted monsters in the galaxy! As you very well know, an essential part of the Dino Charge series is the fact that each rager is the master of a very valuable Energem. They grant our superheroes some of their amazing abilities. You need to guard them at any cost during this exciting game! Do you think you are up to the challenge?

Survive all the confrontations to win!

The game consists of a series of five one-on-one combat rounds, featuring the bravest Rangers in the Universe. However, be warned that you are up against some of the most powerful and cunning enemies you have ever fought! For each stage of the game, Sledge will send one of his minions to defeat one of the Rangers. Can you make the difference and lead the team to success?

The gameplay is quite simple and satisfying to play. You can move your character by pressing the left and right arrows on your screen. You can jump once or even multiple times by pressing the up arrow. You can attack by pressing space. Are you looking for more weapon power? Then hold the same key for a charged hit. It will surely deal a powerful blow to your enemy!

Adjust your strategy to the opponent!

You will notice that each stage of the game will pair you up with a different type of enemy. Your primary focus should be developing a plan that allows you to hit the enemy as many times as possible without getting obliterated by your foe. Keep a close eye on the health bars at the top part of the screen! You should also be on the lookout for any health bonuses, represented by first-aid kits!

Using your surroundings wisely is an excellent idea! Jump on platforms, dodge the enemy blows, and make sure you don't get hurt by the villain's special abilities. Whether we're talking about the Wrench, Scrapper, Iceage or Fury, you will notice that they all have different skills. The Rangers are different as well, so take your time to get adjusted to the new circumstances!

The final battle will have you face one of the most dangerous enemies yet: Poisandra. Did you know that this heinous villain is Sledge's future wife? However, you have the chance to stop this vile union by defeating her, as the Black Ranger. Can you put up with her charms in order to defeat the Energems? The faith of the entire Universe depends on it!