What are the most popular Power Rangers Games?

  1. Ultimate Hero Clash 2
  2. Super Brawl World
  3. Unleash the Power 2
  4. Power Rangers: Super Samurai
  5. Super Brawl 4
  6. Nick: Basketball Stars 2
  7. Ultimate Hero Clash
  8. Super Megaforce Legacy
  9. Rangers Together, Samurai Forever
  10. Nickelodeon: Kingdoms

What are the best Power Rangers Games to play on mobile devices?

  1. Ultimate Hero Clash 2
  2. Super Brawl World
  3. Unleash the Power 2
  4. Super Brawl 4
  5. Nick: Basketball Stars 2

Find your mentor and experience adventures with the Power Rangers games!

Join in on intense and exciting battles against menacing enemies with the Power Rangers games! Have you heard about this mighty team of super-powered teenagers? Ever since 1993, this iconic franchise has been featured on TV screens, computers, and toy stores all over the world! Inspired by a particular type of Japanese action film, called tokusatsu, the original series created by Saban Entertainment took the world by storm!

What was so special about this new genre? The over-the-top special effects, complete with upbeat music and bold costumes, captured the hearts of young and old audiences everywhere.

Naturally, this mighty team of heroes has changed and evolved, as the ownership of the franchise changed. Currently produced by the famous toy company Hasbro, the story of these 90's superstars is far from over! However, one thing has remained the same throughout the almost 40-year history of this iconic group: its upbeat energy, exciting music, and entertaining storylines!

There have been countless installments and series featuring the famous Power Rangers, including the Super Megaforce, Samurai, Dino Charge, and Ninja Steel series. Every single version adds a unique flavor to the classic plot while keeping the legendary spirit of the story alive! For instance, each series revolves around a group of youths recruited and trained by a mentor. They will practice hard in order to morph into the mighty heroes and fight for the forces of good!

Do you want to join them? Become part of this exciting story with the Power Rangers games!

Put your suit on and get ready for battle!

What's the first step of any Power Ranger battle? Of course, I am talking about putting on your special suit! The iconic look consists of a color-coded tight spandex suit, complete with a matching helmet with an opaque visor. This allows the Rangers to hide their identity from the public.

Naturally, this is one of the most important rules of being a Power Ranger! The suit enhances the abilities of the wearer by improving their strength, durability, agility, and skill in combat.

What is more, some Rangers have unique talents, such as invisibility, psychic abilities, or super speed. Do you think you can take on the considerable power and responsibility of the Ranger suit? Try the Super Megaforce: Legacy game to take a look at costume designs from many different series. You will also get to try out some cool weapons and powers!

Which color Ranger do you want to be? The color of the Ranger suits can change with each series, just like the main heroes! However, the Red Ranger has been a fixture in all of the series so far! Needless to say, Jason Lee Scott, the very first one, has remained in the hearts of fans as one of the most beloved characters. Now, you have the opportunity to play multiple versions of this famous Ranger with the Power Rangers 20th Anniversary: Forever Red game. Which one is your favorite?

Can you face the most menacing villains in the Universe?

Like any other famous superhero team, the main goal of the Power Rangers is to prevent the forces of evil from taking over. The villains of this series fit the over the top and dynamic battle-style of the series. What is more, they have bold personalities and quite powerful weapons and suits. Can you imagine a gigantic foe, as tall as a ten-story building? 

Believe it or not, the mighty Power Rangers can defeat even the most menacing enemies using their skills! For instance, they can use Zords, enormous war machines that they can create and control! Do you want to pilot such a magnificent contraption yourself? Then join in on the fun with the Zords of Fury gameto take on dangerous characters, such as Scaraba and Virox!

Even if each individual Ranger has great power and masters many skills on his own, everybody can use a little help sometimes! Some villains are very dangerous! As a result, fighting in teams of two, three, or more is expected!  In fact, some of their super abilities require a partner in order to work. Learn to be a trustworthy partner and a great hero with the Never Surrender game! Can you create a successful Power Ranger team?

The exciting part about the Power Rangers series is that you never know what enemies you are going to encounter! Therefore, you should always expect the unexpected and be willing to take on any challenge that comes your way! Does it all sound a bit daunting? Don't worry, this delightful and dynamic series won't let you get bored or frustrated! Explore the Power Rangers games and become a part of this iconic superhero story!

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