Robo Knight Flight Fight

Play the role of a powerful space hero in Robo Knight Flight Fight game, and fight dangerous foes, accompanied by the Power Rangers Megaforce team!

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About Robo Knight Flight Fight Game

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Obliterate waves of dangerous and hostile aliens in Power Rangers Megaforce: Robo Knight Flight Fight game! Have you ever wanted to put on a super-powered spacesuit and fly through space? Now you have the opportunity to do all that and much more as Robo Knight, one of the most awesome Power Rangers in the history of the franchise! Do you think you can accomplish this challenging mission? There's only one way to find out!

Navigate through space as Robo Knight!

The game consists of multiple waves of obstacles that you need to bypass successfully. Your mission is to survive for as long as you can while navigating the hostile intergalactic environment by avoiding different types of obstacles. Seems easy as pie, right?

The gameplay is deceptively easy. You can control Robo Knight by just moving your cursor across the screen. What is more, this fantastic Ranger even fires his weapon automatically! Your job is to sneak between burning asteroids, powerful missiles, and menacing UFOs. I promise that it's harder than it seems! 

Tips and tricks for a successful space battle!

You will soon find that just sneaking past all threats is not an effective strategy to get through multiple waves. Thankfully, this game has some cool features that you can use. For once, use the left mouse button to use a sword or a bomb and increase your attack power. However, there's a catch! You need to fill your Power Ranger energy bar to use this feature. Fill it up by shooting and destroying threats!

But wait, there is one more feature meant to make your life easier! Destroy larger and more threatening targets to receive useful power-ups. They will supply you with a bomb, activate your invincibility for a certain amount of time, or even increase your laser power. Sounds pretty cool, right?

Make sure you keep a close eye on the upper left corner of the screen throughout the game! You will find three symbols representing your lives. A single bullet or a stray meteor is all it takes for you to lose one of them. Therefore, you should pay attention and make no room for any mistake!

Get ready for the space adventure of a lifetime! Can you take on the role of Robo Knight and defeat menacing foes? Stop hesitating and join in on this exciting opportunity!