Power Rangers Moto Race

Prove yourself as the best pilot in Power Rangers: Moto Race game! Perform tricks while controlling the motorbike and be the first to finish the race!

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About Power Rangers Moto Race Game

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Do you want to feel the adrenaline of the race? Then come to play Power Rangers Moto Race game and enjoy the tremendous speed!

To compete in the races, you need to have good reflexes and also a trustworthy keyboard. Use the arrow keys to switch between lanes while driving your motorbike and similarly to accelerate or to slow down whenever you feel it is necessary. The rules are simple, do not collide with anybody and do not let anyone crash into you from behind.

How to Play

The game starts abruptly and to get a hold upon it you need to look around on the screen to figure out what is happening. In the upper left corner, there is the speed meter, which tells you at what speed you are going in that moment. The higher, the better!

A little bit more to the right are a few small icons with your head; those are your lives. Do not let them go unnoticed because once you lose them, you can not get them back. Overall, try to have at least one left so that you won't miss the entire race.

The significant numbers that follow represent the time that is left until the whole race ends.  In the upper left corner, a small drawing of you tells you how much more you have to go until you reach the finish line. Under it, there is a score counter that shows how many points you have gathered overall. There is also a long colorful bar named Supermode that is continually loading. Once at full Capacity, it will give a significant boost to your bike.

Now that you know all these, get ready and...Start!