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Join Red Ranger in Power Rangers Super Megaforce: X-Borg Blaster game! Knock out all the enemies and liberate the world from the evil Prince Vekar!

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About X-Borg Blaster Game

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Join the heroes as they fight for the safety of humankind in Power Rangers Super Megaforce: X-Borg Blaster game! This time, you play the role of the famous and powerful Red Ranger. You will need to use his unique skills and abilities to defeat the menacing Prince Vekar and his dangerous X-Borgs. Be warned: you will need to use your bullets with care and strategize to succeed! Are you ready for a unique challenge that will undoubtedly test your ability to plan, and even your knowledge of physics! 

Aim and shoot to obliterate your enemies!

This game includes twenty-seven exciting levels. Each one aims to destroy all the existing enemies with the three shots you have available. Do you remember the famous Angry Birds game? Then you will surely grasp the concept of this game immediately! 

Do you know how to shoot? It's easier than you thought, at least in the Power Rangers universe! Touch the Ranger, then pull forward to aim your blaster. Now all you need to do to launch the bullet is release! Keep in mind that you only have three shots to eliminate all of your foes!

You should also keep in mind that the movement in this game is quite consistent and respects specific rules. For instance, remember that bullets are not bouncy balls! They will only ricochet twice before they disappear. Therefore, you shouldn't expect them to reach their target without precision!

Can you beat all the levels using your wits?

You will soon discover that the simple concept of this game can turn out to become quite challenging! Before you do anything, look at the scene carefully and calculate your moves. Make use of all the elements in the background and get familiar with how your bullet travels and bounces. It will prove to be extremely helpful in planning out your moves!

What is more, as you progress through the levels, you will notice different and more challenging obstacles. Can you use them to your advantage? Bounce your bullet against ramps and boxes to redirect it in the direction of the X-Borgs. Keep an eye out for mobile elements as well, as they are meant to test your patience and timing! Are you agile enough to make it through all the levels?

Another exciting addition to the game is the system of portals, which will surely have your head spinning at first. Are you ready to face them in level 8? An important thing to keep in mind is the fact that you should shoot at the blue magic portal, then watch the bullet come out at the other side. Play with the angle, be patient, and use your wits to lead the Rangers to success!

Are you ready to put your skills to the test, joined by one of the most courageous teams of superheroes? Accompany the Power Rangers and battle dangerous enemies by their side! You will surely have a blast!