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About What's Your Dino Zord? Game

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Join your favorite heroes team for a new and exciting challenge in Power Rangers Dino Charge: What's Your Dino Zord? Game! As you might know by now, one of the coolest features of this iconic team is the fact that Rangers can call powerful war machines to the rescue while in battle. Each different series has a unique design for the so-called Zords, and this time you're invited to step into the world of dinosaurs! Which one will pick you, based on your personality and abilities? There's only one way to find out!
This questionnaire consists of eight different questions. All you need to do is click on one of the available options. Easy as pie, right? Don't forget that you can navigate through the quiz by selecting the dots at the bottom of the screen! They allow you to revisit some parts of this test and even switch the answer, in case you have changed your mind!

Answer truthfully to find the best match for you!

Get ready to answer a wide variety of questions! Some of them will surely intrigue you, given that they seem to be unrelated to the life of a heroic Power Ranger. For instance, what do your classmates think about you? Are you the class flirt, a perfectly mannered gentleman, or a huge flirt? You should also think about your favorite hobby, exotic pets, and even your preferred T-shirt color. Don't overthink and pick out the most attractive option!
Are you an avid fan of the Power Rangers? Then you'll undoubtedly enjoy the questions focused on the iconic series and its characters. The very first one regards your preferred weapon used to defeat the forces of evil. Do you prefer something classic, like a sword or bolts of lightning, or do you like to get more creative with a wrecking ball or a power drill? What is more, you will have to think about who you consider the most menacing villain of the series. Will it be Fury, Siege's right hand and a feared feral warrior, Snide, or Heckyl, the humanoid alien?
Congratulations, you have reached the end of the quiz! With just one click, you can receive your result, complete with a short description of the Dino Zord that has chosen you! Will it be the Raptor, the Green Ranger's Help, the Stego, corresponding to the Blue Ranger, the T-rex, belonging to the Red Ranger, or one of the other exciting options! Try out this quiz and see which dinosaur would choose you in battle and what it says about your personality and battle style. You must be curious!

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