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Play Power Rangers Samurai: Portals of Power game to experience a real Ranger mission! Choose your favorite character to play with and level it up!

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Fight against Xandred and the evil Nighlok with Power Rangers Samurai: Portals of Power game! The Power Rangers team is comprised of ambitious and skilled teenagers who fight against evil every day. However, sometimes even Jayden, Mike, Kevin, Antonio, Emily, and Mia need a little help from time to time! Can you give them a hand in battle and aid them in improving their skills? It's not easy to become a pro when it comes to martial arts! Do you think you can become a true expert?

Experience a thrilling adventure accompanied by your favorite Ranger!

The very first step of this game is to decide which Ranger is going to accompany you in your adventure. Besides the iconic characters, you can also pick out some unique heroes. For instance, you can go for Lauren Shiba, Jayden's sister. She is not only more powerful but also has a very cool weapon: a flaming sword! 

Now, it's time to pick out a difficulty level. Maybe you are incredibly brave and try the Hard or even Shogun modes from the beginning. However, I recommend you warm up by trying the Normal Mode, to begin with. Once, you've had a little practice, you can always move on to something more challenging!

The game consists of five exciting levels which take place in different vivid backgrounds. Unlike other similar games, you can choose between any of them without completing the others first. So make sure you go for what sounds more exciting to you! Would you like to face Despiraino in Barnacle Bay, or go against Negatron in the construction zone? The choice is entirely up to you!

The gameplay will suck you in instantly because it's very intuitive. Control your character by using the arrows on your keyboard. Press up to jump or double jump and hold shift to dash towards your target. Keep in mind that you will need to block enemy blows by pressing the down arrow. 

But enough with defense! Let's talk about attacks! You simply need to press the space-bar key to deal a blow to your foes. Hold the same key to perform a power attack, which deals additional damage. Do you find yourself surrounded by enemies? Then you should press the Z key and watch your Zord obliterate all threats in sight! However, keep in mind that these types of attacks require a full Power meter!

Become a master of martial arts with the Power Rangers!

Now that you've got a hold of the basics, it's time to talk about the other cool game features. Take a glance at the top left corner of the screen to check on your experience bar. How do you fill it up? Explore the scene and look for glowing orbs that match your Ranger's color! They will allow you to level up and improve upon the abilities of your Ranger. While you're there, make sure you also keep an eye out for first aid kits, which will restore your health! 

Are you ready for the final boss battle? Each level is comprised of multiple stages and checkpoints. At the end of your journey, you will face a menacing villain, which will pose a big challenge for your battle style. Strategize carefully and watch your back! Otherwise, you will be wiped out and sent to the last checkpoint!

But enough with the talking, let's have some action! Immerse yourself in the colorful backgrounds and enjoy the company of the most powerful teenagers in the universe!