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There is a competition going on in the Nick Racing Stars game. Pick your own driver and customize your ride as you wish, then join awesome competitions!

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SpongeBob, Patrick Star, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and many other awesome Nickelodeon characters are organizing the Nick Racing Stars game. This will be the ultimate championship of all time when it comes to cart races!

As in any ordinary race, you have to pick the most trustworthy pilot and strive to win every competition. But things will never get boring over here. There are endless choices that you can make regarding your cart and how you customize it! 

How to Play

To get the hand of this competition, you will need both your mouse and your keyboard. Because you will need to select everything from the driver to the wheels on your cart, the mouse will be more than helpful. On the other hand, driving is way easier if you do it by using the arrow keys. 

To control your cart, you must press the Right arrow to accelerate. Once you stop holding the key, the cart will stop moving. The Up and Down arrows allow you to switch lanes because, as you would expect, obstacles are lying ahead. Fortunately, these also can be avoided by pressing the SpaceBar. That will make your cart jump over them!

But first and foremost, you should have a look over the racing equipment. You can start by selecting a player of your choice. You can browse through them until you find one that meets your requests.

For example, you can opt for SpongeBob, who is quite a fast driver and has a decent amount of endurance. On the other hand, these qualities come with a trade-off. More precisely, his strength is somewhat nonexistent! The same applies to all other racers. Each one comes with advantages and disadvantages.

Build up your own cart!

Nevertheless, you should not stress too much because you also get to boost up these levels by designing your cart. The first and probably the most important part is the body of the car. You can click on each one to see what they bring to the table. When you find one that satisfies your needs, you should check out the other parts as well. 

The hood, the spoilers, the wheels, and, of course, the flags play a big part. They all can contribute to the specifics of your car. You should make sure that you are doublechecking that you got everything right. Otherwise, you might be losing some precious advantage against your competitors.

When your sweet ride is ready, you can pick what kind of race you would like. If you want something easy, you can opt for a Quick Race to test your car. That way, you can get a hand on everything before joining something more serious, such as the Grand Prix option.

You can pick cups themed after Nickelodeon shows, such as the Jellyfish Cup or the Loud House Cup. However, if you are in the mood for something totally out of common, you should definitely opt for the For Fun race. In these races, everything is completely random!

You will definitely enjoy these awesome races featuring your favorite Nickelodeon characters!