Booyakasha Blitz

Try the Booyakasha Blitz game if you are a fan of puzzles and the awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Stop hesitating and start connecting tokens!

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Play the Booyakasha Blitz game to put your wits to a fun and exciting test! How well do you know the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? This team has only one aim: to use their ninjutsu skills to help the world and also gain pizza.

Don, the most inventive one out of the bunch, has built a machine that generates outstanding holograms of their enemies. Raph had a great idea and called it the Booyakasha Blitz. The turtles have a great idea: they will use it to train and make Master Splinter proud! Do you care to join them? You will be in for a lot of fun if you choose this exciting puzzle game!

Learn how to make quick connections to win!

At the beginning of the game, you will get through a fast tutorial. It will explain the basic concept of the game, as well as how to play it. Are you ready for a confrontation against a menacing villain? This battle will put your wits and ability to strategize to the test!

The game consists of a series of battles. To score points and hit your enemy, you need to connect as many tokens of the same kind as you can.

There are four types of items on the board, each one of them representing one of the members of the team. Raph is red, Leo is blue, Don is purple, and Mickey is orange. Use your mouse to connect tokens by clicking and dragging.

The more you join, the more powerful your attack will be! Connect three or more for quite a powerful hit!

Keep a close eye on the bars on the left side of the screen! They prove to be extremely helpful when you strategize. You can see the health bar of your enemy, as well as your own.

What is more, you should pay close attention to your enemy's attack bar. How many moves can you make before the bar fills up? Get ready for the imminent attack and check your health bar after the hit to assess the damage! Isn't this exciting?

Tips and tricks to untangle the puzzle and win!

Are you ready to encounter a series of menacing enemies? They get increasingly more challenging to beat as the game advances. Can you believe that some of them will even block certain items on your game board?

Thankfully, certain features will give you a much needed helping hand. The green splinter tokens can become a link between two different colored symbols. Also, connecting two or more pizzas will replenish health and gain extra points for you. Isn't that cool?

Are you ready to encounter famous and terrifying monsters, such as Spiderbytez and Snakeweed? Do you think you are strong and smart enough to defeat them? Join Raph, Leo, Don, and Mikey to find out! You are in for a blast!