Donnie Saves A Princess

The Donnie Saves a Princess game will teleport you into an adventurous virtual world. Use your ninja skills to defeat all the villains and save your lady!

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About Donnie Saves A Princess Game

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Everyone knows that Donatello loves two things in this world: April O’Neil and playing video games. In the Donnie Saves a Princess game, the Ninja Turtle plans to find his very own virtual princess. Prepare to go through the most exciting adventures of a pixelated world!

Your journey is composed of three different stages of increasing difficulty. Donnie will take you in dungeons, land fields, and even in space to fight criminals, dodge obstacles, and collect precious items! 

Hurry! Your princess is waiting for her savior!

To move your character, you only need the Left, Right, Up, and Down arrow keys. The Spacebar has multiple purposes, as it helps you attack your targets and jump very high. The first location you will explore is the dungeons, where Mousers are waiting to harm you. Your weapon will be the classic and infinite Shuriken stars.

In this place, you have ten lives to waste before it’s game over. Once you defeat a Mouser, they can leave hearts or pizza slices behind. These can restore a lost life or bring 500 and 200 points. As in every video game, each stage has a boss. Here, it’s Kraang, and he’s very powerful.

In the following location, you won’t have to use your combat skills very often. Now you only have three chances to complete the level and avoid all the obstacles. The boss that will greet you at the end is the notorious Fishface. As this is considered a more accessible level, you can’t collect extra lives here, just pizza.

The last ones are always the strongest! The third stage will teleport you into a spaceship guarded by robots. This boss is by far the most powerful one, so use your ten lives wisely! Shredder may seem impossible to beat, but your purple lightsaber will end him quickly!

Consider these tips for a smooth experience!

In the dungeons, make sure you stay away from the Mousers for two reasons. Once you start throwing your Shuriken, they will automatically target the little robots, no matter how far they are. Also, they take away a life when they touch you.

Moreover, passages are locked unless you manage to defeat all the enemies in the room, including the boss. When fighting him, we suggest you always keep moving, as his attacks are very damaging, and he throws back your Shuriken.

When it comes to the spaceship, you will notice some objects that are placed randomly on the floor. They can hide a lot of collectibles, so destroy them all and see what’s underneath! And if you happen to lose all your lives, you will start the last level you played from scratch.

Throughout your journey, you will find many beautiful princesses, but only the very last one is yours!