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Join the most loveable Nickelodeon heroes for an exciting tournament with the Nick: Hockey Stars game! Can you handle the puck and beat any opponent?

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With the Nick: Hockey Stars game, you can enjoy your favorite sport, accompanied by so many fun characters! What is your favorite Nickelodeon series? If you are a fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, this game was made for you. Would they beat SpongeBob or the characters of Fairly OddParents in a friendly hockey match? How about a tournament? The answer depends on you!

Get ready to head on the ice and find out what you are made of! You can coach a team comprised of your favorite goofy characters to victory. All you need to do is score 2 goals more than your opponents!

Compose the perfect team!

What type of game would you like to play? Start with a quick match if you'd like to practice the game first! A short 2 vs. 2 hockey game is perfect for getting the hang of the basics. Once you think you are ready, you can try a full tournament to test your skills. Can you win six consecutive matches against skilled teams of cartoon characters?

Now, it's time to choose the captain of your team! You will be joined by a helpful sidekick from the same cartoon series. In the beginning, you have five exciting options. However, you can unlock the rest of the characters by playing and earning high scores. Each character has different ratings for their speed, power, and super moves. Therefore, you should choose wisely!

As you win matches and compete in tournaments, you can earn cool stuff. Gather helmets, shoulder pads, sticks, and trails. Not only will they make your players look awesome, but they will also improve their stats. Are you ready to build the perfect team?

Learn how to score a goal!

It's time to head on the ice and learn how to play. You can move your main character by using the Left, Right, Up, and Down arrows. Follow the puck and hit it to move it around. Once you are near the enemy goal, push it in to score! Sounds easy as pie, right?

What was that? As you might know, hockey is a pretty violent sport. Your enemies will hit you with their sticks, stunning you for a few seconds. The only way to get around this is to be fast and strike them first! Use the Space Bar to do this. Shoot the puck by pressing the same button! 

Keep an eye out for power-ups! They can increase your speed, or make your character more powerful. However, watch out for the blue ice-skates! They will slow your team down, giving your opponents a chance to score!

The match lasts for two and a half minutes. It seems like a lot of time, but don't relax! If your enemy gets in the lead by more than two goals, they will win the match. Can you become the champion of this exciting hockey tournament? There's only one way to find out!