Pups Save the Day

Ride a truck, a boat, and a helicopter in the Pups Save the Day game! Can you collect the badges, gather yummy treats, and avoid obstacles in this race?

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About Pups Save the Day Game

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Don't miss out on the Pups Save the Day game if you're a fan of speed! As you know by now, the Paw Patrol team has many kinds of vehicles at its disposal. They use them to help the residents of Adventure Bay in case of emergency. Would you like to drive three of their most impressive vehicles? Now you have the chance to race with the Paw Patrol team!

The game consists of three races, each featuring a different means of transportation. First, you'll need to drive a truck through the streets of Adventure Bay. Next, head out into the waves and ride a motorboat. Finally, take the helicopter over the valleys next to the bay. Gather five badges in each level to move on to the next stage of the game!

How to Play

In real life, driving trucks, helicopters, and boats isn't easy at all! Fortunately, in this Paw Patrol challenge, you can race in all three vehicles using the same controls.

No matter your mode of transportation, it will move forward automatically. All you have to do is switch between the three lanes on the screen by pressing the Left and Right arrow keys. Be swift and precise in your movements to reach the end of the level!

Your main goal in each of the three races is to gather five Paw Patrol badges in each stage of the game. On top of that, you can collect yummy treats to gain points. The more of them you have at the end of the level, the more bonus points you earn!

Whether you're racing on the streets, among the clouds, or at sea, you have to watch out for obstacles! They come in many shapes and sizes, depending on the environment. For instance, you'll have to avoid eagles while you're riding the helicopter and sea lions while you're on the boat. If you bump into them, they'll slow you down!

What else you should know

For an even more thrilling race, take advantage of the speed boosts! They appear as highlighted arrows. When you run over them, they'll accelerate your vehicle. Sometimes, you'll also find ramps. They help you go faster and perform a trick along the way! 

After you've managed to collect all five badges, you get to empty your tank in an adrenaline-filled bonus race. Now you can gather all the treats you want without any obstacles in the way. Just press the Space Bar to complete the mission and go out with a bang!

It's always such a thrill to help the pups in their Adventure Bay quests.