Corn Roast Catastrophe

Try the Corn Roast Catastrophe game and join the Paw Patrol on a rescue mission! Stop Farmer Al's corn from popping and rescue Chickaletta to save the day!

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Join the Paw Patrol and head off on a thrilling rescue mission in the Corn Roast Catastrophe game! It's time for the Corn Roast Festival, but there's an emergency in town. Hot coal fell over Farmer Al's corn roast, and now it's popping into a disaster. Now Marshall and his friends need your help, so join them and save the day together!

Let's begin the adventure! Your job is to assist the Paw Patrol pups with their tasks and rescue everyone. Help Marshall put out the fire, save Chickaletta, then use the zipline to get back! Are you confident you can complete this action-packed challenge?

How to Play

Before you start the mission, you should understand the basics. Use your mouse and click on the cannon to pump enough water. After that, you must press the Up, Down, Left, and Right Arrow keys to look for Chickaletta and bring her back safely. That doesn't sound too complicated, right?

For your first task, you must help Marshall put out the fire. Look at the numbers below the piles of corn, then start pumping water. Remember that the amount you see on the cannon should match the number under each pile. If not, you can use the green button to go back.

In the second challenge, you must rescue Chickaletta, who's stuck in the barn. Keep climbing up and collect as many pup treats as you can to earn a high score! However, there are many obstacles ahead, so do your best to avoid the windows, chicken feathers, wagon wheels, or ledges. If you run into them, you'll fall behind and lose precious time!

What else you should know

To grab Chickaletta, you must use your night vision goggles and follow her tracks. Afterward, you can use the zipline to bring her back to the mayor.

Can you collect all the colorful balloons on your way down? Just watch out for the crows, and try to scare them away! Once you reach your destination, you'll finally complete the rescue mission!

Well, what are you waiting for? The Paw Patrol puppies need your help to keep the Corn Roast Festival going. Put your skills to the test and overcome all the missions to save the day!