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Play the Nick Jr: Finding Feelings game and explore various emotions! Are you ready to learn more about your feelings and find the correct answers?

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Learn all about expressing your emotions in the Nick Jr: Finding Feelings game! Your Nick Jr. friends are back with a new challenge. This time, they want you to identify how they feel just by looking at them! Can you solve the mystery and find all the solutions?

Emotions can be very complicated, but facial expressions give them away easily! Can you watch your friends' faces and see what feelings they are hiding? Whether it's a smile, a shocked look, or if they seem tired, you must always identify the correct answer. Just focus on the images and compare the differences carefully!

How to Play

Before getting started, you should understand the basics. Luckily the only tool you need for this challenge is your mouse. Look at the pictures ahead of you, then tap on the one that matches the emotion on screen! If you get it right, you can move on to the next stage.

Your favorite buddies from shows like Blaze and the Monster Machines, Team Umizoomi, or Paw Patrol are ready to teach you all about emotions! Can you identify the 5 answers each time and complete the challenge? There's a wide range of feelings to explore, so you surely won't get bored easily! There are many moods to explore, such as happiness, surprise, or tiredness.

Remember that there's no time limit here! Go at your own pace and look at your friends closely to see how they feel. You should watch elements like their eyes or mouth to see if they're happy or sad! Afterward, just take your pick and see if you got the correct answer.

Don't worry if you make mistakes in the beginning! If this happens, you can still advance to the next stage. As you keep playing longer, you'll explore even more emotions and feelings, such as being petrified, ecstatic, and many others! How cool is that?

It's time to join Rubble, Millie, Blaze, and the rest of their buddies. Watch your cute friends closely and learn all about their feelings together!