Diego's African Off Road Rescue

Oh no! The animals have been turned to stone in Diego's African Off Road Rescue game! Explore the jungle, find all the missing creatures, and save the day!

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About Diego's African Off Road Rescue Game

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Head off to the jungle and save all the animals in Diego's African Off Road Rescue game! The creatures have been turned to stone by an evil magician, and Diego must rescue them all! If you're a real thrill seeker, you must join your friend on this adventure and restore peace in the wilderness! Aren't you excited to explore a new land? 

It's time to begin your mission! Before Diego can break the curse, there are four locations you have to check out. The animals are all around the jungle, so you must keep your eyes open and search everywhere. Just remember that having fun is important too, so take a moment to ride through the ramps and show off your tricks!

How to Play

Welcome to Africa! To guide Diego around the jungle, you have to use your mouse. Simply move your cursor across the screen, and your friend will follow your lead. Just remember not to run into any obstacles because you wouldn't want to get stuck!

Today's challenge consists of four different mini-games:

- Swamp Rescue: Drive your truck through a muddy road and look for the animals.

- Savannah Rescue: Head off to the desert and find all the missing creatures.

- Jungle Rescue: Locate the lost animals and navigate through the wilderness. 

- African Rescue Outpost: Grab your camera and take photos of your favorite animals.

Aren't you excited to begin your off-road adventure? Just remember that the wild is full of dangers, so you have to stay safe!

What else you should know

Diego might be a skilled explorer, but you must still be careful. Avoid the obstacles, such as mud puddles, waterspouts, or tree trunks, because they can slow you down! Just remember to watch out for any arrows on the ground. If you drive over them, you will earn a speed boost for a limited time!

To take good photos, you must be patient and wait for the animals to appear. Once your photo album is complete, it's time to decorate your snapshots. Just drag and drop the elements to fill up the canvas and show off the beauty of the jungle! Are you feeling inspired yet?

There's no time to lose! Diego must save all the animals, and he's counting on you to help him. Prepare to head out into the jungle and break off the evil curse together!