Diego's Great Jaguar Rescue

The Bobos stole the jaguar's growls in the Diego's Great Jaguar Rescue game! Join Diego and Baby Jaguar and look for the magic bottles through the jungle!

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About Diego's Great Jaguar Rescue Game

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Oh no! The Bobos have ruined the jaguars' party in Diego's Great Jaguar Rescue game! The animals were having a big celebration for Jaguar Day when the evil monkeys came and stole their growls. Can you assist Diego and Baby Jaguar and bring back the stolen items to save the day?

It's time to explore the jungle and look for all the missing bottles scattered around! The Bobos put them in hard-to-reach places, but luckily Diego and Baby Jaguar have the right tools for this mission. Take a look around you, find the growls, and switch between the two protagonists to use their special abilities. Can you collect all the 18 bottles and keep the party going?

How to Play

Let's begin traveling through the jungle! To navigate each area, the only tool you need is your mouse. Click on Diego and Baby Jaguar to switch between the protagonists. Once it's time for their unique abilities, tap on the bubbles above their heads, then click on the area where you want to use your skills.

To continue the big Jaguar Day party at the pyramid, you must bring back all the stolen growls. The Bobos placed them in magical bottles and scattered them all around the jungle. However, you must climb tree branches, jump from one platform to another, or even swim to reach your target. Just remember that both of your friends have unique abilities and tools that will help you overcome each challenge!

Diego has useful items like a ladder, a rope, and a pair of scissors, while Baby Jaguar can jump high, press switches, or swim. Because of this, you must look carefully around you and analyze your surroundings. Use all the objects around to your advantage and reach your objective! Don't worry if you get stuck because the protagonists will give you tips to help you succeed.

What else you should know

Remember that your abilities and tools can change with each new area! Because of this, you must switch between Diego and Baby Jaguar and use them to your advantage.

The boy can slide down high places, while his pet can go under really tight spaces. Keep this in mind, and you'll complete your quest in no time!

Let's hurry up! The big Jaguar Day party must go on. Join Diego and Baby Jaguar and bring back the stolen growls to save the day!