Hermit Crab Rescue

Diego is going on a beach adventure in the Hermit Crab Rescue game! Can you find new shells for the crabs to move into and decorate them in fun colors?

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About Hermit Crab Rescue Game

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Join Diego and head off to the beach together in the Hermit Crab Rescue game! It's about time for crabs to change their shells. Luckily, the brave explorer is ready to go on a rescue mission and help all the creatures find new homes. Will you lend the protagonist a hand and save all the tiny crabs together?

Use your creativity and great attention to detail to your advantage! The hermit crabs love their shells so much that the new ones must be identical! Can you match the colors and patterns exactly and help all the creatures? Recreate the pictures accordingly, and the beach rescue mission will be over in no time!

How to Play

Get ready to begin the challenge! Luckily, you don't need any paintbrushes to color the new shells. Just use your mouse and click to select the correct shades and patterns. That looks pretty straightforward, doesn't it?

Your main goal is to find new shells for all the tiny creatures. However, the hermit crabs are very picky because they want you to customize their new homes. You have to choose the right color, select a pattern, then pick a shade for the design. Are you feeling inspired yet?

While some shells only have one color, others might have intricate designs and patterns. From stars, circles, lightning bolts, and more, there are so many options to choose from! Just remember that each crab has specific requirements for you, so you have to match their old look exactly!

Sometimes the creatures will let you think of a unique design for their new homes. When this happens, you can freely play with the colors and patterns. Aren't you excited to complete your creations? Once the mission is over, you can play with the crabs in the sand or start over and keep designing more shells!

Hurry up, Diego is waiting for you! Head off to the beach together and help all the hermit crabs move into the new homes! Will you be able to rescue all the small creatures?