Diego's Underwater Adventure

The moon has shattered into tiny pieces in Diego's Underwater Adventure game. Will you join Diego and explore the ocean to find Luna's missing shards?

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About Diego's Underwater Adventure Game

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Oh no! The moon has broken into tiny pieces, and they have all fallen in the ocean in Diego's Underwater Adventure game. Now, to continue diving, the brave explorer must first collect all the shards. Will you join Diego on his quest to find Luna's moon pieces together?

It's time to explore the underwater world! The tiny shards have been scattered across the Island Cave, the Underwater City, the Ocean Gardens, and the Jellyfish Cove. However, before you can help Diego, the mission will put your knowledge and great attention to detail to the test. Can you complete all the challenges and find Luna's missing pieces?

How to Play

Let's begin the journey! To solve each trial and find the treasure, you will have to use your mouse. Listen to Diego's tips, look around, and click on the correct elements. If you get the right answer, you can continue your mission!

For your main goal, you have to find all the missing shards. The pieces are hidden within the four locations: the Island Cave, the Underwater City, the Ocean Gardens, and the Jellyfish Cove. To reach them, you must show off how good you are at counting, identifying shapes, solving riddles, and more. Are you feeling up for this challenge?

As you get closer to the Ocean Gardens, you will interact with some cute underwater creatures. Stop the naughty Bobos, help a seahorse family be reunited, and let the pufferfish lead the way. This is how you'll be able to reach the final destination. Aren't you excited to learn more about some of your favorite animals and fill up your field journal?

For your last challenge, you must open the treasure chest. However, it is covered in pictures of all the creatures you met with Diego. Listen to the clues, tap on the right animal, and you will unlock the mechanism. Soon the final moon piece will be yours!

What are you waiting for? Diego is counting on you to make the moon shine bright again! Can you find all of Luna's pieces and complete the quest together?