What are the most popular Go Diego Go Games?

  1. Dora's Candy Land
  2. Diego's Puzzle Pyramid
  3. Diego's Dinosaur Adventure
  4. Diego's Great Jaguar Rescue
  5. Rain Forest Adventure
  6. Super Silly Costume Maker
  7. Diego's Railroad Rescue
  8. Diego's Underwater Adventure
  9. Halloween Sticker Fun
  10. Field Journal

What are the best Go Diego Go Games to play on mobile devices?

  1. Diego's Puzzle Pyramid
  2. Diego's Dinosaur Adventure
  3. Diego's Great Jaguar Rescue
  4. Super Silly Costume Maker
  5. Diego's Railroad Rescue

Venture into the wild with Diego!

If you are passionate about nature and wild animals, you have to try the Go Diego Go games! Ever since Nickelodeon released the series in 2005, this show has become an instant favorite for all animal lovers. Young and old, everybody is excited to watch the series created by Chris Gifford and Valerie Walsh Valdes.

After the success of Dora the Explorer, this spin-off series keeps the same charm and colorful atmosphere. However, this show focuses on nature and, more precisely, wild animals. Some of them are feral, others are adorable, but all of them need help!

Step inside the Animal Rescue Center and embark on a thrilling journey! Diego will be your host, helping you explore your passion for wildlife. Despite the fact he is a kid, our hero knows a lot about nature. Besides, he has a dream: to help wild animals from all over the world. Therefore you should join him to find out how you can make a difference!

What sets this category apart is that it is educational and exciting at the same time! Each episode starts with an animal in need. Hearing its call, Diego will rush to the rescue. Naturally, he has some special rescue equipment, as well as a great team to help him.

If you decide to join him in the wild, you can learn a lot about the animal and its habitat. Besides, you can also practice your Spanish, as well as other helpful skills for any kid. Stop hesitating and join in on the fun!

The team that does it all

Are you ready to learn more about our protagonist? Diego is an 8-year-old Latino hero with a huge heart. Does he remind you of someone? Diego is Dora the Explorer's cousin! Just like her, he is brave, intelligent, and very kind. Furthermore, Diego also boasts athletic abilities and knows how to solve problems logically and quickly. What a great guide for your mission!

Despite his many skills, Diego can't accomplish this mission on his own! Luckily, he has an older sister, Alicia, that shares his passion. What is more, some trusted friends help him out with every mission. As you might know, Dora has Boots as a companion. Similarly, Diego always has a furry friend by his side. Baby Jaguar is an adorable and loyal cub. With such a trusted friend, our hero has nothing to fear!

Have you met Rescue Pack? The orange backpack isn't just an object! Believe it or not, Diego can't go on adventures without him! Rescue Pack can transform into many items, tools, and even vehicles! You'll be amazed to see him morph right under your eyes and use him in challenges like Diego's Ultimate Rescue League game!

Become an animal expert with Go Diego Go games!

Now that you know all about the Animal Rescue team, you can prepare for your first mission! As you might guess, most of the games in this category are about wild animals and their habitats. However, since Diego is bilingual, you can also practice your Spanish. How impressive!

Any good animal rescuer needs to study a lot! You'll have to learn about many species. Do you know where they live, what they eat, and what they look like? Luckily, you won't have to spend hours in the library to find out. In his camp, Diego has videos, sounds, and photos taken during his adventures. You can look at them and prepare for your first wildlife adventure with games like the Field Journal game!

Now that you know what to expect, you should head out on your first mission. Usually, Diego's quests start with an endangered animal calling for help. He'll have to travel to its habitat and find a way to help. Get ready for some thrilling helicopter and car races all over the world! 

Sometimes, Diego has to go on foot by jumping on platforms and avoiding obstacles to gather objects. Explore new habitats and prove your agility by trying challenges such as the Rain Forest Adventure game!

In the company of Diego and his helpers, any kid can have a ton of fun while learning! Sometimes, reading about nature in a book can be dull. However, when it comes to this series, this is not the case! The games in this category will help you experience the life of an animal rescuer first-hand. Since all Go Diego Go games are so fun to play, you'll spend a lot of time learning here!

There are currently 22 free online Go Diego Go games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or laptop, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android and iOS phones.