What are the most popular Blue's Clues Games?

  1. Nick Jr. Take Care of Baby
  2. Super Brawl Showdown!
  3. Nick Jr.: Block Star Challenge
  4. Blue's Clues World Cooking
  5. Blue's Clues Ghost Hunt
  6. You Take Blue to School
  7. A Day with Blue
  8. Periwinkle's Disappearo
  9. Blue's Puppy Maker
  10. Blue's Matching

What are the best Blue's Clues Games to play on mobile devices?

  1. Nick Jr. Take Care of Baby
  2. Nick Jr.: Block Star Challenge
  3. Blue's Clues World Cooking
  4. Blue's Clues Ghost Hunt
  5. You Take Blue to School

Step inside a colorful world filled with blue paw prints!

Don't miss out on Blue's Clues games if you're a curious young player who loves to learn while playing! Once you start exploring the colorful imaginary universe of Blue's Clues, you'll understand why this Nick Jr. series is so famous.

Ever since its release in 1996, many preschool children and parents have become devoted fans of the series. Therefore, it's no surprise that it went on for ten years, until 2006. Isn't that impressive? Thanks to its success, the show has many modern reinterpretations and sequels.

Blue and her owner live in a beautiful house in an imaginary universe. They'll welcome in anybody that comes to visit. However, every playdate is interrupted by one of Blue's whimsical plans. This clever dog can't speak a word! However, she'll leave a trail of three clues, marked by her signature blue paw mark. It's up to the player to solve Blue's puzzles and find out what she means! With the encouragement and hints from Blue and her pals, each adventure is fun and educational!

What sets Blue's Clues apart is its positive message. The young viewers will step inside a fun and colorful universe, where all the characters are friendly and wholesome. Can you think of a better place to have fun and learn? Nothing bad can happen when you're in the company of Blue, the adorable dog heroine!

Blue and her pals will become your best friends!

Do you want to know more about the heroine of this series? Blue is a sky blue puppy with dark blue spots and a nose in the same color. She also has floppy ears and a wagging tail! Above everything, this pet is one-of-a-kind, thanks to her intelligence. And just like other puppies, she also loves to play, bark, and go outside.

However, Blue also reads, draws pictures, and listens to music. Moreover, even if she can't speak, Blue will find a way to tell you what she means. More precisely, she will mark three clues with her blue paws. Then, you need to combine the three items and see if you can figure out Blue's puzzle! You can find out more about this beloved character in the Blue Answers Your Questions game!

Even though she's so smart, Blue is still a pet, so she can't live alone. As a result, the host of the show is always with her. Throughout its run-time, Blue has had three owners: Steve, Joe, and Josh. All of them are smiley and very friendly! Within the games, they'll often interact with you directly, asking you questions and helping you solve the mysteries using the clues left behind by Blue.

Besides the human host, you'll come across many fun imaginary characters in Blue's world. Meet a wide variety of animated objects and friendly animals that entertain and educate you! Mailbox, Shovel, Pail, Slippery, and Tickety are just a few of the pals in or around Blue's house. Meet part of them and join in for an imaginative adventure in Blue's What's in the Box game!

Develop your skills with Blue's Clues games!

Who said reading has to be boring? Some games in this category are interactive storybooks that you can access from your computer. Thanks to the colorful animations and funny sound effects, you'll spend hours reading with Blue!

You just need to use your cursor to discover secrets and practice mini-games. For instance, you can play the Blue Is My Name game and see if you can uncover all of Blue's Clues!

You'll also develop your creativity while playing! The lovable blue puppy is also a talented artist who loves drawing and dancing. Similar to her adventures, Blue encourages you to mix and match different elements to create something new. For instance, you can practice your dance moves and make your routine in the Do the Blue game. Can you keep up with our heroine?

While exploring this category, young players will practice their skills and even learn something new. With so many joyful characters and fun activities, you won't even realize you're learning!

Whenever you're bored, pay Blue and her friends a visit. Surely, they'll give you a warm welcome! No matter how many times you come, you'll have a blast and discover new things about the world!

There are currently 30 free online Blue's Clues games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or laptop, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android and iOS phones.