Joe's Scrapbook Journey

Go through Joe's photo album and guess each destination in the Joe's Scrapbook Journey game! Can you read the clues and answer all the questions correctly?

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Prepare to share some fun moments with your friend in the Joe's Scrapbook Journey game! Going through photo albums is so exciting! Joe recently went on an exciting holiday, and he's ready to show you all his snapshots. It's as if you're going on an adventure together, right?

It's time to join your buddy for ten days of traveling and fun events! Your task is to go through Joe's scrapbook and guess each destination. Take a good look at the pictures, listen to the boy's stories, then put together all the clues. Can you find out where each snapshot was taken?

How to Play

The controls aren't complicated because all you need is your mouse! Listen to Joe's tale, then hover over the pictures with your cursor to listen to the sounds again. Did you manage to guess the destination? If so, click on the arrow, and the answer will be revealed!

Let's see what places your buddy visited throughout his journey! Joe spent ten days traveling, so he has prepared a bunch of fun quizzes for you. Each one consists of three pictures, drawings, or even objects. Just take a good look at the clues, listen to your friend's story, and get ready to solve the mystery!

Can you try to guess where Joe went each day? Whether he's on a boat, at the beach, or in a hot air balloon, you'll have to solve all the riddles! Remember that the three clues go together, so you have to think about what they have in common each time. Put your mind to the test, and you'll soon find the answer!

Don't worry if you didn't guess right! Once you're ready to move on to the next story, Joe will reveal the correct answer. Where do you think your buddy will go next? Think outside the box, find the connections between the clues, and look through the scrapbook together!

How exciting is looking through your friend's pictures? It's just like going on an adventure of your own, right?