Blue's Clues Ghost Hunt

Become a detective and solve a spooky case in the Blue's Clues Ghost Hunt game! Follow the footprints and find all the ghosts hiding inside the mansion!

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About Blue's Clues Ghost Hunt Game

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Blue and Joe are detectives, and they have a tough case to solve in the Blue's Clues Ghost Hunt game! To help your friends, you must head off to the haunted mansion together and begin the search. If you're a brave explorer, you can surely follow all the clues! You're not scared of ghosts, right?

It's time to grab your magnifying glass and get going! You have to find the scary creatures hiding inside the mansion and solve the case. However, there's a time limit, so you must act fast! Are you confident you can help Blue and Joe uncover the mystery?

How to Play

Luckily the controls here are very straightforward! The only tool you need to solve the case is your mouse. Move your cursor across the screen to guide blue around each area, and look for the ghost footprints. Then, follow their lead until you reach your target!

Blue's mission is to track down all her spooky friends. To help the cute puppy, you must follow the ghost footprints using your magnifying glass. Once you reach a creature's hiding place, it will come out, and you will start chasing a different target. Sounds easy, right?

It might seem like you're moving around in circles, but you have to keep following the footprints. If not, you won't be able to reach your targets in time! This is why you must be very careful and not lose your way. The haunted mansion is very dark, and you wouldn't want Blue to get lost!

There's no time to lose, so you have to hurry up! To see how long you have left, just look at the clock on the upper right corner of the screen. Once it strikes midnight, the challenge is over. How many ghosts can you find before time is up?

Now is your chance to help Blue and Joe solve their case! Are you ready to become a detective and explore the spooky mansion? If so, just grab your magnifying glass, and let's get going!