Blue's Checkup

Blue is heading to the doctor's office in the Blue's Checkup game! Can you follow the instructions and lend Dr. Maya a hand by giving her the right tools?

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Will you join your buddy for a doctor's appointment in the Blue's Checkup game? Blue, the cute puppy, is going for a check-up with Dr. Maya. However, she is a bit nervous, and she wants you to come along. Visit the doctor's office with your furry friend and make sure the consultation goes well!

During the visit, you will become Dr. Maya's assistant. Help her out by listening to her instructions and giving her the correct tools for each procedure. If all goes well, the check-up will be over in no time! Are you confident you can become a good nurse and lend a hand throughout the consultation?

How to Play

Have you ever wanted to become a doctor? If so, now is your chance to practice because the only tool you need is your mouse! Pay attention to Dr. Maya's instructions and prepare your utensils for each procedure. Choosing the correct instrument is as easy as clicking on it!

Today's exam consists of all kinds of tests to make sure that your friend is fine and healthy. The doctor wants to listen to Blue's heart and lungs, check her blood pressure, ears and mouth, and finally, take her temperature. There are a lot of procedures to be done, but with your help, they'll be over in no time! Just pay attention, and the cute puppy will be good to go.

To help Dr. Maya, you must pass her the right tools. Have you ever seen a stethoscope, otoscope, or thermometer? Just listen to her instructions, and choose the object you think the doctor needs. Don't worry if you make a mistake, because you can always try again until you pick the correct answer!

By the end of the appointment, you'll be a skilled nurse! Just don't mix up the tools with the other objects. Many items will appear on the screen, such as telephones, hats, or frogs. Those surely don't belong at the doctor's office, right?

Now it's time to join Blue for her doctor's appointment! Will you make sure the check-up goes well so your friend won't be nervous?