What are the most popular Blaze Games?

  1. Nick Jr.: Music Maker
  2. Nick Jr.: Sticker Pictures
  3. Nick Jr.: Coloring Book
  4. Halloween Dress-Up Parade
  5. Nick Jr. Camp: Count & Play
  6. Halloween House Party
  7. Nick Jr.: Block Star Challenge
  8. Nick Jr.: Water Park
  9. Race the Skytrack
  10. Dragon Island Race

What are the best Blaze Games to play on mobile devices?

  1. Nick Jr.: Music Maker
  2. Nick Jr.: Sticker Pictures
  3. Nick Jr.: Coloring Book
  4. Halloween Dress-Up Parade
  5. Nick Jr. Camp: Count & Play

Enjoy the adrenaline rush of racing!

Embark on the race of a lifetime with Blaze and the Monster Machines Games! It's known that young kids love playing with toy cars and other kinds of vehicles. What if they would be able to customize them and ride on some of the most exciting places in the world? Thanks to the power of internet games, now they can!

The animated interactive series Blaze and the Monster Machines allows them to do that and much more! The series premiered on Nickelodeon in 2014, and it fascinated kids everywhere from the first episode. Little ones can't get enough of the show! It's all because of its colorful characters, dynamic animation, and fun storyline.

What is more, parents like it too because of the positive messages and educational content. Therefore, you shouldn't miss out on it either!

Each one of Blaze's adventures starts in Axle City, a quirky place populated by monster machines and people that live in harmony... at least most of the time. As you can imagine, sometimes problems arise in our hero's hometown. Luckily, Blaze and his brilliant human driver, AJ, take on the task of solving any issues and assisting the citizens of Axle City.

Of course, the young viewers lend a helping hand too! By following the adventures of Blaze and his friends, you'll get more familiar with science, engineering, and other fascinating subjects. Read on if that sounds exciting to you!

Meet the machines and their human friends!

Naturally, Blaze is the first person you have to meet in Axle City! The series's protagonist is a friendly red monster truck with blue eyes and a wide smile. As you might know by now, he is the city's hero, helping anybody in need. He's truly a role model for any kid because of his kind heart, loyalty, and bravery!

Any hero needs a best friend and helper! In the case of Blaze, that's AJ! The 8-year-old boy is a tech expert and science fan. Besides, he's a skilled driver that can complete any race behind Blaze's wheel. Join them as they help their pals in challenges like the Tow Truck Tough game!

Gabby is a good friend of Blaze too! The 10-year-old human mechanic is unmatched when it comes to handling tools. As a result, she can fix anything! Look for this feisty purple-haired girl whenever your truck stops running!

Any story needs an anti-hero. Therefore, you should meet Crusher! The blue monster truck seems intimidating at first because of its enormous tires! At times, he is mischievous, dishonest, and whiny. However, if you hang out with him long enough, you'll find that he has a soft side too! Go up against him and his right-hand truck, Pickle, in the Blaze Tool Duel game!

Learn new skills with Blaze and the Monster Machines Games!

What sets this series apart from others is its educational focus. More precisely, Blaze and his pals like to help kids learn STEM concepts. The acronym stands for science, technology, engineering, and maths for those who don't know.

At first glance, all these subjects sound too complex for a young kid! However, the Monster Machines make everything sound so easy and fun. Thanks to their awesome personalities and fun attitude, Blaze and AJ will charm you.

Even the most boring subjects will come to life if you join them! For instance, you can learn the basics of programming while going on a rescue mission in the Get Ready to Roll game!

Thanks to the clever idea behind this series, kids will become more familiar with different tools and materials. For instance, they can take their favorite truck to the garage and customize its components. As a result, the vehicle will change its performance. It can run on water or even fly through the air because of aerodynamics. Try it for yourself in the Race the Skytrack game!

Enter the world of Blaze and the Monster Machines Games to push your skills to the limits! You'll learn something new in every challenge while having a ton of fun and feeling the rush of adrenaline that comes with racing.

Even if you don't have a special interest in cars, garages, tools, and bolts, Blaze and AJ will convince you to give it a try! Who knows? Maybe you'll discover a new passion and become a driver, engineer, or physicist in the future! Even if you're just having fun with the characters, you won't feel sorry for visiting Axle City!

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