Tow Truck Tough

Go on a mission with Blaze and help him save his friends in the Tow Truck Tough game! Can you handle a series of off-road quests through dangerous forests?

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About Tow Truck Tough Game

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Become an off-road rescuer and a helpful friend with the Tow Truck Tough game!

Blaze, the Monster Machine, joined by his driver, AJ, and Gabby, the mechanic, form a great team. When their friends get in trouble, the three never hesitate to come to the rescue. This time, they need your help to help Pickle, Darington, and the rest of the crew. Can you help Blaze use his tow hook and navigate the dangerous environment around him?

The game consists of two stages, each one posing different difficulties. Explore two forests, namely a tropical paradise and a haven of pine trees! Your quest is to find Blaze's pals and ensure they're safe. While you're there, perform some impressive tricks to prove you are a true adrenaline lover!

How to Play

Do you know how to drive? Probably not, but you shouldn't worry! In this game, things couldn't be easier. All you have to do is use the Up, Down, Left, and Right arrow keys! It might seem a bit tricky at first, but you'll get used to the controls in no time. Just start driving!

While exploring the roads, make sure you gather all the fire icons you can find! They will fill up the bar in the upper right corner of the screen. When the fuel tank is at capacity, your vehicle will rush forward automatically. Such a thrilling speed boost! Try to use it on one of the ramps to perform impressive tricks!

Move around while avoiding the obstacles, such as mud puddles and logs! Among all these setbacks, you have to find Blaze's pals. Can you believe some are stuck behind rocks, in caves, or in trees? Park Blaze on the highlighted circle, then build the tow hook by clicking and dragging all the various pieces together!

You'll have plenty of fun exploring the two available environments and discovering all the different tasks you can help Blaze with. Build bridges, uncover new paths, and head off the beaten path to get the most out of this exciting challenge!