Dragon Island Race

Give the Dragon Island Race game a try and help Blaze rush to the finish line! Can you overcome obstacles and take the lead in this fast-paced challenge?

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About Dragon Island Race Game

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Get ready to show off your speed and race towards the finish line in the Dragon Island Race game! AJ and Blaze are about to race Crusher on Dragon Island. However, your two friends need your help to win against the opponent. Are you confident you can secure the first place prize?

Let's begin the race! Your job here is to help AJ and Blaze catch up to the enemy and make it to the Dragon Head first. However, Crusher loves to cheat, so he has scattered many obstacles along the way. Can you avoid them all and arrive safely at the finish line?

How to Play

It's time to head off on your adventure! Press the Left and Right arrow keys on your keyboard to change lanes and stay out of danger. Once it's time to jump over obstacles, simply tap on the Space bar. You can also press the key again when you're in the air to perform a cool trick!

Your main goal for this mission is to keep racing through the jungle until you arrive at the Dragon Head. To increase your score, you must look for the red flags and collect as many of them as possible. Remember to watch out for obstacles such as rocks, puddles, or Crusher's Robo bouncy balls! If you run into them, you'll waste precious seconds.

As you keep getting closer to the finish line, you'll come across more of the opponent's tricks. Have you encountered the laser bugs yet? When this happens, you must select a mirror and reflect their lasers at the perfect angle. If you do this, you can destroy the robots and move on to the next challenge!

For the last obstacle, Blaze will turn into a drilling Monster Machine. Can you get through the rocks quickly and be the first one to arrive at the destination? If so, remember that bigger boulders take longer to drill, so you must start with the small ones first! The sooner you overcome the obstacle, the faster you'll make it to the finish line!

Well, what are you waiting for? AJ and Blaze need your help to win the race! Are you ready to show off your impressive driving abilities and take the first place for your team?