Race the Skytrack

Recover Swoops' rotor in the Race the Skytrack game! You'll get to visit the Transformation Station, race on the Rainbow Track, and fly through the clouds!

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About Race the Skytrack Game

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You can't miss out on the Race the Skytrack game if you have a taste for adventure! In this thrilling quest, Blaze needs to find a helicopter rotor. As you might know, if you're a fan of Blaze's show, Swoops is a big green helicopter who sometimes gets in trouble. Luckily, Blaze and AJ are there to save the day! However, they'll need your help to lead this search and rescue mission. Are you up for the task?

The game consists of a series of challenges that will test many skills. You'll need to prove your agility in high-speed races, use your engineering skills at the Transformation Station, and even build a rainbow highway. Get your thinking cap on and prepare to take on all these challenges!

How to Play

Before you can begin this challenge, Blaze needs a few adjustments. Fortunately, your mouse will be the only tool you'll need. First, you need to click on various vehicle parts to deconstruct them! Next, select the new components and place them in the appropriate positions based on the blue silhouettes on the screen. Now Blaze is more aerodynamic and ready to go!

Racing among the clouds with Blaze is much easier than you think. For every driving part of this race, the controls are the same. Use the Up and Down arrow keys to swerve between the three lanes on the screen. Blaze will speed forward automatically, going faster as you advance through each leg of the race. How thrilling!

While you're on the track, you'll encounter obstacles such as spare tires, puddles, and clouds. Avoid them at all costs! On the other hand, the more bolts and nubs you gather along the way, the better. Use the green speed boost arrows and the ramps to gather even more of them! You can use them later to reattach Swoops' rotor! 

There's more you should know!

Speeding on the track is fun. However, there's so much more you can do in this game! For instance, you'll have the chance to play with the colors of the rainbow when you build the Sky Track. Can you color the blank tiles to complete it? Use the paint cans at the bottom of the screen by clicking on them, then selecting a brick! Can you combine the shades to achieve a perfect rainbow?

In the last leg of this task, you'll need to recover Swoops' rotor by using Blaze's hook. Get ready to aim! To do so, use the Up and Down arrows to adjust the trajectory of the lasso. When you're ready, press the Space Bar to release the hook. After a few attempts, you'll surely recover Swoops' missing component!

As you can see, Blaze's quest is thrilling and educational at the same time. If you're smart and agile enough, you'll surely complete it with no problem. Keep playing to gather even more bolts than before and establish a new personal record!