What are the most popular Car Games?

  1. Barbie: Car Fun
  2. Driver's Dread!
  3. The Big Race
  4. Nick Racing Stars
  5. Race the Skytrack
  6. Cars: Lightning Speed
  7. Dragon Island Race
  8. Blaze: Race to the Rescue
  9. Race Car Cutie
  10. Wubbzy's Silly Speeder

What are the best Car Games to play on mobile devices?

  1. Barbie: Car Fun
  2. The Big Race
  3. Nick Racing Stars
  4. Race the Skytrack
  5. Cars: Lightning Speed

Are you ready to start driving?

Get behind the wheel and hit the gas with Car Games! Even if you're not old enough to drive, this category allows you to test your abilities. What is more, there are no limits here! Namely, you can pick your favorite car and drive on different routes, from thrilling race tracks to bustling cities. The best part is that you can't get fined and don't need a license! 

Ever since the dawn of video games, challenges that feature cars have been the most popular by far! With so many enthusiasts of all ages, it's no wonder that they still retain their popularity. After all, not everyone can afford a car, but a computer is much more accessible. Besides, boys are not the only car enthusiasts. Nowadays, this category is so varied that anybody can enjoy the drive of their dreams!

Another thing that makes this category such a hit is that it suits many different moods. For instance, if you're bored and need a rush of adrenaline to fight boredom, you'll enjoy the thrill of driving a race car at high speeds. 

On the other hand, car challenges can also help you wind down after a hard day. Can you think of something more relaxing than a smooth drive with your favorite music? By exploring this category, you'll enjoy many distinct experiences centered on all kinds of automobiles. As you can imagine, it's heaven for car lovers of all ages!

Improve your speed and precision!

Just like in real life, a driver must be very skilled. Even a dose of talent might come into play, especially for people who drive for a living. Do you think you have what it takes? If you want to test your driving abilities and improve them, you can't miss out on this category!

Above all, an experienced driver is coordinated and has good reflexes. Most activities in this category will ask you to prove this by swerving, avoiding obstacles, and gathering bonuses. In these situations, a delay of just one second makes the difference between crashing or winning. Therefore, you'll have to practice to sharpen your reflexes and increase your reaction speed!

Do you feel the need for speed? Sure, driving fast can be one of the most thrilling experiences. However, to do it safely, you should realize when to push the pedal to the medal. As you might know, the faster a vehicle moves, the harder it is to control. As a result, it's up to you to decide the right time to use your turbo or nitro boost. If you're too impatient, you might end up on the side of the road. Yikes!

Finally, concentration is one of the most overlooked features of an excellent driver. You should pay attention to many things, like other vehicles, ramps, bonuses, obstacles, and road signs. It's easy to get distracted! Unfortunately, that's how accidents happen! Therefore, you should always maintain your concentration. Believe it or not, this might help you increase your focus in other areas of life, like school.

Try all kinds of Car Games!

If you're still unsure of your skills, jumping straight into racing wouldn't be wise. Have you thought about driving solo? Some games in this category will set goals for you to fulfill to prove your driving skills.

For example, you'll be challenged to complete a track by a certain time or to reach the finish without bumping against any obstacles. If you're curious about such challenges, the Full Speed Extreme Turbo game is the perfect place to start!

On the other hand, if you feel the need for speed and competition, you can jump straight into racing games! Featuring a wide variety of tracks and racecars, they'll fulfill the fantasies of the most avid fans of the genre.

Can you believe that you'll get to race in the desert, the jungle, or even in space? Besides, your competitors will be heroes of your favorite cartoons. For instance, the Nick Racing Stars game allows you to prove your worth against Nickelodeon's most talented drivers!

However, if you've spent too much time behind the wheel, it's time to head to the garage! Here you can play the role of an engineer or a designer, putting together a vehicle that will impress through looks and speed. For instance, the McLaren Senna GTR game allows you to create a beautiful racecar that will be lightning-fast!

All in all, Car Games will help you feel the thrill of driving from the safety of your home. Can you think of a safer way of indulging your passion for automobiles? No matter your age and preferences, you'll find the ride that fits your needs perfectly here!

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