Batman: The Chase

Try the Batman: The Chase game to chase Joker around Gotham City using the Batmobile. Beware his tricks and stop his mayhem by crashing his vehicle!

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About Batman: The Chase Game

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The Joker is back again, causing trouble around Gotham City in the Batman: The Chase game! Luckily for the citizens, the Dark Knight is on the case and is following Joker's car using the Batmobile. However, the criminal clown is not so easy to catch. Can you help Bats catch up to him and stop this mayhem?

Your job is to use your driving skills and go around Gotham until you find the clown. Then, the only purpose is to smash his vehicle so he cannot move! Will you be the right person for this challenge? Let's get you into the Batmobile and see how you'll perform!

How to Play

Before you get behind the wheel of a vehicle like the Batmobile, you have to learn the controls! You only need to use your Arrow Keys to accelerate, go back and steer. However, the Joker is an experienced driver, so you are in for a challenge if you want to take him down!

Your job is to chase Joker around town and crash his car before the timer runs out. Also, you can use the map to find his location and intercept his every move! At the same time, he can slip right through your fingers if your driving skills are not good enough to catch him!

Joker will not go down so quickly, and he brought his thugs to shoot the Batmobile and bring you down! Besides, he will also throw bombs at you, and you still have obstacles around town. If you get hit by any of these, your health meter will go down, and you will lose one life point when it's empty. Be careful, though, as you only have three!

There is more you should know!

Luckily, there is a way to make the chase easier! You can pick up the power boosts floating around the city! These items will help you inflict more damage to Joker's vehicle and slow him down. However, the effect will not last you for too long, so try to take full advantage of it!

While chasing, make sure to grab loads of points! Besides hitting the Joker, there is another way to acquire a high score! The clown will throw playing cards, and you can pick them up for a bonus. So, you should try to grab as many as possible!

Are you ready to hop in the Batmobile and bring down the Joker? Batman is waiting for you, so let's hurry and start this chase!