Caped Crusader Chase

Raise your adrenaline levels with a wild race in the Batman: Caped Crusader Chase game! Help Batman catch the bandits in a high-speed chase through Gotham!

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About Caped Crusader Chase Game

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Test your speed and agility with the Batman: Caped Crusader Chase game! Have you ever wanted to play the role of Batman, the sleepless vigilante in Gotham? Stand by his side as he tries to stop The Riddler's men from robbing a bank! You should remember that the streets of Gotham are crawling with danger. Capture the baddies without getting hurt!

The challenge consists of an endless run through the dark alleyways, streets, and rooftops of Gotham City. If you are familiar with games such as Temple Run, then you'll understand how Batman's chase works. Even beginners will get the hang of it in no time. Get started before the robbers get too far!

How to Play

Controlling our dark protagonist couldn't be easier! He will run forward automatically on one of the three lanes on the screen. Your job is to help him avoid obstacles by pressing the Left and Right Arrow keys to switch the lanes.

What is more, you can also jump over objects like barriers or trashcans by pressing the Up Arrow. Sometimes, you'll need to slide under by pressing Down. That's all you need to know for now!

Collect as many coins as you can in your chase! As you jump, slide, and swerve around the obstacles, you'll have to remember to collect as many resources as you can. You can use them at the end of the level to upgrade Batman's abilities!

Are you close enough to the baddie to catch him? Use the Batarang to trap The Riddler's goon! You can do so by pressing the Space Bar. Besides, you'll also need to use this move to jump on top of buildings and do other acrobatics!

What else you should know

Agility is the most valued ability in this game. The chase gets faster the more you run. Therefore, it'll be harder to surpass all the obstacles. As soon as you crash against something, the run is over. You'll have to restart Batman's adventure from the beginning. Yikes!

However, you shouldn't worry too much about that! Each new run allows you to visit the shop and buy upgrades for Batman. There are three types of bonuses available, each one with multiple levels. Invincibility gives your hero a temporary shield, the Score Boost will multiply your score, and the Coin Magnet will help you gather currency faster. Buy any of them to make the power-ups available in your game!

Your final score depends on how many thieves you manage to catch and how far you've managed to run. Don't worry if your first few runs are a complete disaster! In time, your reflexes will sharpen, and you'll adapt to the lightning-fast speed of the chase.

Even if you fail, the game is very addictive and thrilling. Just keep practicing and experience a day in the life of the terrifying Dark Knight!