Gotham City Rush

Try the Gotham City Rush game to guide Batman around Gotham City and find his friends. Will you defeat every last enemy and meet Green Arrow and the rest?

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About Gotham City Rush Game

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Batman needs to find his friends in the Gotham City Rush game. However, Gotham City is full of villains that will try to stop him at any cost! Can you lend The Dark Knight a helping hand to assure his success? Let's put on your super suit and see if you can take on the criminals without getting a scratch!

Your job is to guide Batman around the city and find Green Arrow, Aquaman, and the Blue Beetle to help him fight all the criminals in town. However, the path to his friends is dangerous, and a rookie will never make it. Do you think you have what it takes to face the dangers ahead? Let's get your suit on and see what you got!

How to Play

Before you start fighting crime, you first need to learn the controls! Here's the list with everything you should know:

 - Up arrow key: Jump/Double Jump

 - Down arrow key: Glide/Slide.

 - 2x Down arrow key: Slide through platforms.

 - Right arrow key: Punch.

 - Up arrow key + Right arrow key: Flying Kick.

 - Up arrow key + Down arrow key: Drop Kick.

 - Left arrow key: Throw the Batarang.

 - Spacebar: Grind/Swing.

 - NumKey 1: Call Green Arrow.

 - NumKey 2: Call Aquaman.

 - NumKey 3: Blue Beetle.

It might seem like a lot, but once you get used to all the controls, it would be a piece of cake to take down all the enemies!

There are three places where you can search for your friends:

 - The City: Here, you can find the Green Arrow.

 - The Park: Here is where you'll find Aquaman.

 - The Rooftops: The location of the Blue Beetle.

Each location has new challenges for you, so they will only become harder. However, if you adapt quickly to the new enemies, the other heroes will join you in no time!

Try to collect loads of points on your way to Batman's friends. One way to gather them is to take down loads of villains using your fists and Batarang. However, you might encounter a quicker way if you want a higher score. Around town, you can find bonus points, and the only thing you have to do is to try to reach them all!

There is more you should know!

Don't forget that everyone is trying to bring Batman down. If he gets shot, hit, or runs into an obstacle, he will lose some of his health points. When his health meter is empty, you will lose one life and restart to the last checkpoint. However, you can only do this if you have available life points. Don't worry! You can regenerate them if you find them around.

You can always rely on Green Arrow and the rest of Batman's team! Once you find one or more of your friends, you can call them into battle to help you out. However, you first need to fill up their power level. The higher it is, the greater their power will be, so make sure you fill their meters as much as possible!

Are you ready to find all of Batman's friends and jump into battle alongside them? See if you can meet Green Arrow, Aquaman, and Blue Beetle to show them you're worthy of their team!