The Joker's Escape

Try The Joker's Escape game to help the clown jump as high as possible and escape Batman. Bounce on Punch, Judy, and other tools to climb on the buildings!

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About The Joker's Escape Game

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The Joker is chased by Batman again in The Joker's Escape game, and his only way out is by jumping as high as possible. Luckily for the criminal clown, Punch and Judy, his partners, are here to join him in his escape. They are hanging from the wires waiting for him to jump on them. Can you lend them a hand to help Joker lose the Dark Knight?

Your job is to jump on Joker's partners and the other items they prepared until you reach the top of the buildings. However, one wrong move and the clown will fall into Batman's hands. Are you ready to see if you can avoid getting caught?

How to Play

You only need your mouse to make your exit. Hit the Left Click to start and use it to move Joker around, land on his partners, and get a boost from them. However, because of the wires, they slide from left to right. So, try to make your decisions fast, as you will not have too much time to think about your moves in the air.

There will be loads of items waiting for you once you start jumping. Besides Punch and Judy, there will be tools like Jack-in-a-box, springs, boxing gloves, and more to make you jump as high as possible. However, you will have only one item on every wire most of the time. So, try to land on them at any cost!

Lastly, there are many stages, and you can get loads of points in each. However, if you miss landing on something, Joker will fall. The Dark Knight will wait for him at the base of the building with a dumpster to make his fall more pleasant. At the same time, your run will be over, and you will have to restart.

Are you ready to help Joker make his escape and jump on Punch and Judy and the rest of his helpful tools? Let's see if you can bounce without fail and get away from Batman.