Orbital Chase

The Justice League is fighting to save the Earth in the Orbital Chase game! Make chains of three or more identical heroes to attack and defeat the villain!

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About Orbital Chase Game

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The Justice League is fighting a battle to save the Earth in the Orbital Chase game! It seems like an unidentified object appeared in orbit. It's the villains' work yet again, so the superheroes have to go into outer space and fight evil! Do what you can to stop the aliens and save the world!

To get a character to fight, you have to create a chain of three or more of his face! That hero will attack the opponent, making him weaker with each hit. You have to act fast because there is not much time left!

How to Play

You have 90 seconds to match as many lines as you can! Click on a character's face and hold until you have at least three connected, then release. The longer the chain, the stronger and more powerful the attack will be!

You can find Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, and Firestorm's faces mixed up in the puzzle. Even so, you can only choose one hero at a time without mixing up the pieces. Be quick and aim for the best combination! 

You should try making your chain as long as possible to defeat the aliens promptly! It can have any shape as long as the pieces are linked, so you can get creative. 

Try not to waste any time, and look for areas where multiples of the same character are stuck together! You have more chances of creating a chain there, so you should pay attention!

What are you waiting for? The superheroes need your help to defeat the villains, so begin the challenge and win the fight!